most dangerous ways to scoreplease enable longest existing ways to score and definitely one of the most dangerous ones village on the river sanskar hai apne letter Indian Himalaya mountain everything seems orchid Italy small world which is exactly the problem the 650 people living a face because they 

did it lies in the midst of the Himalayan mountains which are up to 8,000 outside and never ending with only a few months free from snow and ice that’s why the children you want to attend the good schools in town must take on one of the most dangerous places on earth is only 10 years old and even if it 

sounds incredible he takes on this extremely dangerous to me attends boarding school in a second largest town in the two months ago winter break an hour coming to a close even know that since I first started a week’s time it’s more troops last day in the village what is one of the few boys who regularly the village in order to attend one of the best schools in town two years ago he won a scholarship for the School since then his and his family’s life have changed over please today Motu please many of his 

friends behind for a long time girls most of the children attend the standard school in the winner the way to school really is an expectation lasting several days for which motor scans the tank and just on repair meticulously that will accompany us on the way across the frozen river shopping facilities all accommodations are the different essentials like provisions and sleeping bags have to be carried by father in some themselves not must not forget anything every packing mistake can become life 

threatening on their journey the heavy load is carried on the shelf the flame of the wires each other as the various is called makes many domains of fathers and sonsIndia must decide whether they want to leave that related some point in most cases this is only possible if we go to a better school in early age young lives in the neighboring college big house is almost empty because none of your photo band 

live at home on a permanent basis attend school for new age I want to take care of patients I like doctors it’s all very relief without proper schooling what is no longer a member of society that’s why we send the children to school whether one becomes value education is a must previous year how long will 

it take this time and make it or solely depends on the condition of the breast size apart from this bridge there is no infrastructural all on The sanskaar liver is completely untouched inaccessible to put another try father and son is a vital importance to know the brother and it’s dangerous in detail

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