type 2 died higher fasting blood sugar now think on import traffic that’s it happening

type 2 died higher fasting blood sugar now think on import traffic that’s it happening

the type 2 died higher fasting blood sugar now think on import traffic that’s it happening in 14058 inevitable you can do something about it in that we waited for you then diagram here is type 2 diabetes symptoms too much about names but it is one of these they have excess body fat and sugar levels where to get information show in it also I think that somebody setting in in your training covid-19 we have changed the record-breaking level from memorizing a deck of playing cards 52 playing cards in less 

than a minute to memorize in the pi value most of us think pi is 22 by 7 or it 3.14 and does repeat after every 6 decimal places but it’s a long tail friends its 3.1415 and will keep on counting its 9265 3589 7932 38462 6433 8327 95028 and it’s the 8419 7169 3993 and so on up to infinity thank you tried it do it all off u can what time it’s it’s a matter of only likes it how well you have mastered that of 

memorizing friends I have trained the student found in common is that people use it and the situation becomes was in case of students because they spend your most of the time in studies and still not able to achieve there is ALP results every have soft corner for them now what to do if if they know the art of memorizing really bacon solder most of the learning-related issues and in this competitive when this is a must required skill I want to brief about what is the art of memorising height box art of memorizing we can divide basically in two parts price one is about designing the information or modifying the information in such a way so that it can catch your attention so that you can learn it on song you have to 

modify the information friends according to the taste of human mind example of a let think that check spelling mistake most students do spelling mistakes in their up preschools are there like the first 45 years of the school and its very common among students if I’ll take a word like confused to write 85 time time is a most boring job for ITI student it doesn’t required any active participation and write it in hundred times even while watching their favourite movies so there is no use of keep on writing tips and writing without any involvement of your attention is doing it in that way if you modify the information according to the the taste of human mind what your mind prefer to learn you can modified like this you can exit the missing letter s now it’s getting your attention and you will remember it very easily in the future if you do any mistakethe missing letter creativity on it make it outstanding and you will never 

forget it again friends no need to write it 5 x 10 x 20 x but for different type of information we have the different methods like it’s useful for us feelings onley but you can’t memorize along Chari by using this method for memorizing theory you need to use a self meaning system to memorize value you need to use grid method of memorizing chemical equations you need to use journey system 9 mind palace technique there are more than 20 methods of mnemonics Prince I have heard so many books on this topic it’s really very interesting subject but today I want to draw your attention on that if another part of 

the art of memorizing one I told it’s about modifying the information another is about modifying or reprogramming your mind to put your attention on the desired information or in the desired everyday you are observing so many things but you can’t read a need for long time every moment we are 

receiving thousands of signals on the retina arise on our hearing sense we can’t observe all the signals will observe only those signals for which we are programmed friends so you need to reprogram your mind in such a way so that you can put your attention auto

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