shortfall between

shortfall between

 the shortfall between those two therein lies on experience at times at a different time and I think it is wonderful the writing this lecture currently does I have never died money view as there are experiencing grey stills of stress as the moment first of the podium the who’s going to speak to you now is doctor Frank dual Frank will be talking about what’s science tells about managing the symptoms of 

stress anxiety and depression and I am going to hand over the reins to him right now thank your stories on refining as science journals come to the conclusion that weather writing this is really interesting so what this storytelling you GIF pictures of landscapes nice art and offices people will become less stressed and its from the research University of South Australia and what did dhoni series example of our landscape office I want to track 91 people in various worksites and the measured psychological well-being and stressed and unstressed reduced by 40% over time and this sounds fantastic if you and lots of 

businesses could invest in art on the walls and people and expect for 40% stress reduction I want to call Google Google Google I want to look at you can go there and I typed in bridge minutes and iPhone 4 results and these are the four is also as you can see where Azeem IP hearing a lasting this time of covid-19 this chance to check if results are true or verifiable or whatever Pura view story so I just signed this I 

would include that this is not published and therefore we probably shouldn’t believe allow us to achieve any protection to the interventions of randomization groups equivalent in every other way apart from their receive the intervention for the items from America only within the randomized trial design can we truly say if stress intervention works or not I’d say that’s all well but scientists find good contradictory 

results all the time always can I cancel this site is do friend contradictory was also some example Siri taiyar yaar to study the final over not sure these might find it to be true but at the moment we cannot say that some other interesting stories in the media about how we could manage stress as I was really taken by this could be made of nails really save you from face to stress is getting back to my Christmas theme fever and toxic individual I don’t know what is this is the bed of nails it’s about two feet long 6006 bikes 

somebody says The secret really to either acupressure for the message this I can go jacare what is the scientific basis for acupressure and massage review any one of those studies touches that line it means 

there is no differences between the groups so you can see the two-three studies and touching line brother going through the line which is telling us when did this randomised trial they found near files in any time you bring up the topic somebody is healthy enough so that the solution for everything and using conjunction with conditions fantastic for a standalone therapies the not ready to be just recommended as they are quite care want to a depression

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