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really can help system repairs help as a lot to do with different factors but also with energy factors life is energetic and help is in the middle of life energy we go from evolution and this is why we invented in study some musical expression help to develop helpless in society as an individual you 

have to understand that our system of help lifelong is written by different functions of energy our life and it is not too close up and down over the age of ayyappa your self-expectation is different from the 

the expectation with the society of friends are so surrounding happiness and diseases Fitzsimmons I happening in these kinds of very specific parts of biography with this or doesn’t fit together and this is basically 

creating a history of our diseases lifelong which can lead to better or less life energy and life quality so how could we implement the idea of a kind of relationship medicine to the whole system in America where you have complicated complex but complicated this is a big difference help system of the word 

which is not a function with date and effective my experiments were are making experiments based on their income means that you have a person with your pic one doctor of your trust which leads you 

through life and they are trying to professionalize it so that is not so expensive like it you could think in the first everybody would act like it was my search for other health care system complete would be 

completely broke but you can do it white professionally for example 4 word medicine for medicine is a kind of experimental startup where are you once in your life come to a doctor theme to ask and you are screened for all your doctor about your body and your life to circumstances it lies and then you can

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