most influential at 17 but rather he promises as if you were to follow what I tell you you will be happy you will be

 most influential at 17 but rather he promises as if you were to follow what I tell you you will be happy you will be content baby almighty ground to soul contentment I am going to start by looking at the first floor of the Pawan we Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala starts off in a unique and beautiful weight do you know when will commencing the recitation of the core and the first thing we should be reciting reading is I seek refuge in Allah from shaitan the act that is the first thing we should be commencing with because if shape of the devil is living your life you cannot achieve contentment first thing you should do and I should do is secret help of a law that he protect us from ship on the request from the devil from the whispers of the devil and just about to start reading Revelation I need to protect myself from the devil contaminating my mind hence I may miss understand the versus lest I must understand the verses and perhaps it may Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala protector so that the first thing we read immediately after that in order to achieve contentment again we start off in the most blessed way to go to ask my allah subhanahu wa ta’ala on one hand we soak protection in a love from ship and the oppressed and now listen to what we say Bismillah in the name of Allah the most gracious most merciful subhanallah that is amazing if you pause for a moment and think about the communists and the contentment in what a 

life has taught us it is so beautiful in the name of Allah the one who is merciful in a specialised do it the one who is merciful in a very very bro roadway in fact a Rahman is a is a board mercy of Allah in a lime is a specialised mercy of Allah so he is reminding of us of his mercy he says we should never lose hope in his Mercy always understand the mercy of Allah it will philosopher hope it will philosophers goodness we will be contented happy when we understood the mercy of 

Allah let’s go into the first West alhamdulillah alamin businesses Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala starts the Quran with this surah of the chapter is known as suratul Fatiha reopening surah Fatiha means to open Al fatih have you opening 16 if you look at this surah alice’s praise is due to a lawyer who is Allah rabbul alamin he immediately says the one who created and the one who is in absolute control of entire existence he is worshipped one the one who is old worship and then he describes himself who is he when I say oh please is due to Allah people want to know who is a lot if you don’t recognise how can you achieve contentment so he chooses to described himself firstly by saying rabbal alamin I created and I mean absolute control of every aspect of the existence of that creation subhanallah the minute you understand this you’re surrender train you understand and going to go back to him this is wireless is old race is due to him in a malone and because life is filled with challenges and difficulties he reminds us immediately after that he chooses reminding us of his Mercy reminding us some how much sippu he is upon us my

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