approximately 7 million people

approximately 7 million people around the world die from hona tax every year and cardiovascular disease which causes heart attacks and other problems
like strokes is the world’s leading killer so what causes of heart attack I call myself the heart needs oxygen and during a heart attack it get enough fairy deposits software developer in the world around 
coronavirus always those that supply oxygenated water the heart is black squirrel as we age sometimes getting monkey Hollywood horror and funny eventually the black skin turned into blockages if one of the flat shoes for Brad of blood to form a rounded in minutes and a partially closed early can become completely blocked blood flow is corrupt the cardiac muscle any action star cells started die within 
several minutes this is a myocardial infarction on heartattack things can rapidly deteriorating any absence of treatment the insured muscle meaning of the word as well and it with them might be found in the worst-case scenario of hard attack can cause gas and how do you know that someone is having a heart attack the most common symptom is chest pain caused by the earth oxygen deprived for awesome actions described as crushing voice like it can radiate the left or job back for abdomen it’s not always as son and daughter married as it is in the movies some people experience nausea Osho is a graph symptoms may be less prominent in women and elderly for them weakness and tiredness may be the 
main signal and surprisingly in many people especially those with diabetes which affects the nerves that they retain a heart attack may be silent if you think that someone might be having a heart attack the most important thing is to respond quickly if you have access to emergency medical services call them that the fastest way to get to horse take me as well which then the world and nitroglycerin which opened up order it can help keep the heart attack from getting worse in emergency doctors can diagnose or heard that they commonly used and electrical diagram to measure the horse electrical activitysad heart muscle damage the patient is then taken to high-tech cardiac sweet but has returned to locate the branches.

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