After a while, Nur heard the same sound again. This time Nur stepped on the verandah without thinking about seven or five

After a while, Nur heard the same sound again. This time Nur stepped on the verandah without thinking about seven or five


The three of them left the madrasa to go home. As soon as they came in front of the shop, they saw three people,,,,,,?

The three of them saw Rahat sitting on a bench in front of the shop. Rahima, Liza noticed that Rahat was looking at Nur with one glance. The two of them were a little surprised to see this. Noor looked at the shop with her eyes and realized that a boy was looking at her. They started walking. When they came in front of the gate of the three Nur’s house, Nur said,,,,

Rahima: Nur, have you seen anything? That boy was looking at you somehow.

Liza: Yes did you notice that Nur ??

Nur: Yes, I saw it, but I don’t know why. I don’t even want to know. Now go to whose house?

Rahima: Well?

The jar they went to,,,

A while ago

When Rocky came to the front of the shop with Rahat and stopped the bike. Rahat went inside the shop without telling them anything. They were more or less surprised to see this use of relief. They went and stood in front of the relief ,,,

Rahat: Will you say something ?? (looked at them and said).

Rocky: Yes brother, would I tell you something ?? (softly).

Rahat: Tell me what to say ??

Rocky: No, you fell in love with that girl, brother ?? (He bowed his head and said softly)

Rahat: I don’t have the answer to your question. But I like that girl very much. What is the name ,,, and yes Nur. From today onwards, if anyone looks at him with contempt, I will lift his eyes. Let no one go around him. Tell everyone about it, (he started smoking cigarettes).

In Rahat’s words, they have understood who Rahat Noor is.

Rahat: I don’t know why, Noor, a feeling is working in my mind for you. I don’t even know what it means. I don’t want to involve you in this dark road of mine. But I love you Nur is on vacation, Nur is ,,, (I thought and sat on the bench outside the shop).

After a while Nur was coming along this road with his girlfriends. I am looking at Nur with one glance. I never knew that a girl looks so beautiful in a black burqa. Nur didn’t even look at me once, it didn’t bother me. Nur walked straight away.

Rocky: Did you say something, brother? (Came in front of Rahat and said).

Relief: Tell me?

Rocky: Don’t tell anyone who compiled your name to the police?

Rahat: You go and threaten him, and I will tell you my name. Then if it doesn’t work, then I’m here, whatever you are.

Rocky: All right, brother.

They left the shop and went to the man.

Nur performed the Zuhr prayers and started reciting the hadith. Nur’s mother called Nur for lunch. Nur went to the table without delay and sat down to eat. Nur noticed that Nur’s father Iman Hossain was worried about what. Nur asked his father.

Nur: Dad, are you worried about something ?? (said in a soft voice).

Iman Hossain: Yes, mother. I filed a case with the police in the name of some talented boys in the area. But they have threatened me that if they do not take up the case, they will harm my family. I am worried about this, mother.

Nur: Father, you take up the case. There is no need to get involved in the case. Those who do evil in this world will suffer the consequences in the Hereafter. You: Don’t worry so much about all this.

Iman Hossain: Hmmm, but they have treated me badly today. He said that if the case is not taken up, then Rahat Bhai will ask the people of your area what will happen to me. Everyone calls them Rahat Bhai.

Hearing Nur Rahat’s name, he remained silent.

Nur: Oh, well, Dad, keep talking about these things, you stop now!

Iman Hossain did not say anything. Nur ate food and went to the room.

Nur: Is this the boy named Rahat the Rahima that Rahima told me about? Should I go to Rahima? (Said to myself)

At night, Nur went to the verandah and sat in a chair listening to ghazals on his mobile phone. The veranda was light off so no one could see Noor. After a few moments of ghazal shula, suddenly his eyes went through the street. Nur looked at the road and saw who was looking at their verandah. Nur went to the room without delay and closed the verandah gate.




Rahat: No, I can’t pay attention to anything. Once you have to go see the light bird. (Said with a glass of wine in hand)

I tied a handkerchief around my face and stood in front of Nur’s verandah. But in the midst of that light off, I saw a black cover like a shadow on the porch. I understand it will be light. So I am looking at one glance. After a while Nur got up from the chair on the verandah and went inside the room and closed the door. I went to the shop with a rush of frustration ,,,,

In the morning Nur went out to go to the madrasa. Nur was with them – there were three of them.

Nur: Well, the boy named Rahima Rahat is very bad.

Rahima: Suddenly I asked this question?

Nur: I don’t mean that. And yesterday the boy who came to the class and asked who sang the ghazal was the relief ??

Liza: Yes Nur that was the relief. Why is there a problem ??

Nur: No, nothing like that happened (Nur told them everything).

Liza: What do you say Nur, tell Uncle not to go to all the jamela, they are not good boys!

Rahima: Yes, Liza is right. Why don’t you go to those jamelas, uncle ?? And you didn’t see Rahat after coming to class that day ??

Nur: No, I haven’t seen it. And it’s not right to look at boys. It destroys the eyelids. So I didn’t look at him.

Rabeya: Nur, you see a lot of hadith go?

Nur: Hmmm

After a while, Nur heard the same sound again. This time Nur stepped on the verandah without thinking about seven or five. 

Nur slowly opened the door of the verandah and went to the verandah. Without turning on the light of the verandah, he looked around the verandah.

Suddenly this incident happened and Nur got scared. Nur is standing silently in fear. He said softly that abaranata ,,,,,

,,,,,, Don’t be afraid, Nur, I am relieved,,,?!

Nur gets more scared when he hears Rahat’s name. Rahat is moving away. But Rahat is holding Nur’s face against the wall.

Relief: Nur, stand still. I will not hurt you. Because I love you, (Slow Voyage whispered in Nur’s ear), I have come to see you at a glance. I have only seen you from afar for so many days. Today I will see you. Give me a shuzuk to see you once, Nur.

Stone + surprised by Nur Rahat’s words ,,,

Nur: O Allah, save me from this boy. I don’t want him to see me. If he sees me, it will be my sin. God forbid.

Rahat: Nur ,,,, What to me ,,, (Before saying the rest, Nur gave a loud bite to Rahat’s hand) ..

Rahat: Ahhhh ,,,, (Slowly he sighed and took his hand away from Nur’s mouth. Nur pushed Rahat with all his might and ran towards the room. There was a thumping sound inside Nur’s chest. Nur was very scared.

Nur: O Allah, you have saved me ,,, Thank you very much in your court ,,, (said to myself).

Rahat: Ohh Noor, I see you are a very naughty girl. Baba Ray cut off my hand. Let it be the first sign of my love.

Rahat waited a little longer and left Nur’s verandah. Nur fell asleep in that state.

In the morning

Nur woke up to her mother’s call. I sat down and thought about the night ,,,

Nur: I could not perform the Fajr prayers. I have to perform the prayers now. Why did he come last night. And what else did he say, he loves me. He doesn’t see me again.

After thinking about all this for a while, Nur got up, got fresh, had breakfast, and left for the madrasa. There were three of them with Nur, Nur did not say anything to them about last night. Looking at Rahat, it seems that he did not sleep well all night.

Rahat: Nur, I haven’t slept for you all night. Your intoxication has overwhelmed me, so I hurried out of the house to take a look at you.

Nur Rahat did not look at it but looked down and started walking straight. Noor reached the madrasa. After the class, Nur, Rahima, Liza, Rabia left for a home together. They were a little scared to see,,,,

Rahat: You three go away, I want to talk to Noor separately (seriously).

Nur: It is not polite to stand in the way. It is not permissible for girls to talk to other men in Islam. So I don’t want to talk to you. And if you have something to say, you can tell it to my father. Come on, you understand me.

Rahat looked at Nur’s departure.

Rocky: Brother ,,, I think but right. You talk to Bhabir’s father about your and Bhabi’s marriage. (Rahat came to him and said softly).

Rahat: Hmmm, tomorrow I will go to Nur’s house. I will talk to her father about me and Nur’s marriage. (Said in a serious voice).

Everyone was a little happy to hear about the relief ,,,

Rahima: Nur, I was very scared, Ray (said in a broken voice).

Liza: Me too …

Noor: We have to overcome fear all the time. And in times of danger, Allah will be glorified, He will save us, (said in a soft voice).

Rabeya: Nur, you know a lot. We need to learn from you.

Nur: Yes, now go to whose house.

Rahima: Hmmm.

The next day, Rahat, Rocky, Xian, Ronnie and four others went to Nur’s house. When the people of the area saw Rahat coming to Nur’s house, they were a little shocked.

Rakib: (Nur’s younger brother) ,, who are you ,, and who do you want ?? (looking inquisitively).

Rahat: Are you Nur’s brother (in a serious voice).

Rakib: Yes! But how did you know my sister’s name? (Frowned).

Rahat: Even if you don’t know that. Is your father at home ?? (in a serious voice).

Rakib: Yes, there is!

Rocky: Do we want to talk to him ??

Rakib: Well, did you come in?

At Rakib’s words, they went inside.

Rakib: You sit down, I am calling my father and bringing him ??

Relief: Hmm!

Rakib called his father and brought him. Imam Hossain came to the guest room and saw them and went to Chatma.

Imam Hossain: What’s the matter, you are here. I have taken up the case. Then why have you come ?? (in a heavy voice).

Relief: What’s the matter ?? (frown).

Iman Hossain: Why did I have a case in your name a few days ago ??

Rahat understood Iman Hossain’s words.

Relief: That means this person whom I,,, shit,,, (remember).

Rocky: We apologize for that day. You forgive us. (Karum said with a look).

Iman Hossain: There is no need to apologize. And have you come to apologize ??

Rocky: Yes! I came for another subject?

Iman Hossain: What’s the matter,,,,.

Rahat: I want to marry your daughter, (what?

Nur did not stop at their words and went straight in front of them and stood straight. They were all a little surprised to see Nur. Nur began to say for their purpose ,,,,,,,,,, ??


Nur: Assalamu Alaikum ,,, Brothers, are you all well ?? (in a soft voice)

Everyone became silent when they heard Nur’s words. They had never heard the voice of such a beautiful girl. Rahat was inside the shop, sitting there smoking cigarette smoke. Nur’s voice can be heard sitting inside Rahat. Rahat didn’t give much importance. Noor saw them remain silent and started saying again ,,,,,,

Nur: Brother, I was greeting you. And if a Muslim salutes another Muslim brother or sister, then he must respond to that greeting.

They are still silent, no one is talking ,,,,

Noor: Well, brother, I don’t know if you have a mother or a sister. But if the four of us were your sisters, who would have made such a bad comment to us? Of course, I couldn’t comment. These are absolutely forbidden in the Sharia of Islam. This is your great sin. And it is not permissible to look at a woman with a bad eye, nor is it permissible to speak harshly. Mothers and sisters should be respected in the Islamic view. Therefore, treating any girl is like committing adultery. For this, he has the most terrible punishment of Hell on his forehead. Please refrain from all these heinous deeds. You consider us your sisters, brother. And please don’t say all this anymore. This is my request to you. Forgive me if you have hurt or hurt me. Goodbye brothers. Assalamu Alaikum,,, (speaking softly, the three of them went to him and started walking towards the house),

They were surprised to hear Nur’s words. No words are coming out of anyone’s mouth. Rahat sat inside and heard all of Nur’s words. Rocky went to them and said,,,,

Rocky: Xian, Ronnie, Rimon I told you before. Don’t teach girls in this way. But you haven’t listened to me. What that girl has said, now you understand how big a sin you have been committing for so long. Look, we commit so many sins. I don’t know if we can go to paradise, but we can at least do a good job. Through which we can get paradise.

The three of them are not talking and are silent. Rahat called out to Rocky from the inside,,,,

Relief: Rocky, come here.

Rocky: Yes, tell me, brother (came to Rahat and said).

Rahat: From now on, they should not cheat or say bad things to any girl. If you say so, there will be no one worse than me. Who tells them that? (Said in an angry voice).

Rocky tells all of them about the relief. They also didn’t talk about the relief anymore,,,

Rahat: Who is this girl? Such a beautiful voice, I don’t know how magical it would be to see. No, no, why am I thinking these things? I can’t think of these things.

Rahima: Nur, I was very scared. If the boy Gula did something bad to you. (Fear said).

Liza: Yes Nur, I was scared too (put my hand on Nur’s shoulder and said).

Nur: Look, we know that a dog will behave well with us as long as we don’t get angry with him. And if the dog gets angry, he will try to harm us. In the same way if we explain to a person how to behave well with him, then that person will understand us and agree with the word. And if we misbehave or swear, they will also treat us badly. I don’t know if they understood me, but I think if they had explained it earlier, maybe they would have understood it a long time ago. Anyway, you go now, it’s a little late today. . See you tomorrow,,,, Allah Hafez,,,,!

Rahima: Well, okay, then ??

This is to say that whoever went home,,,

Another week passed, but since then they have not spoken badly. They didn’t just talk nonsense to anyone or any of them. Nur has been very happy in his mind. Noor thanked Allah for this.

One day, Rahat’s man got the news that someone had complained to the police in Rahat’s name. And that person is a madrasa teacher. Rahat went to the madrasa with his team. Go and start looking for that teacher.

Rahat: This is you in that classroom. And I’m watching in this classroom .. (angrily).

Rocky: Yes brother ??

They went to another classroom to find out. Rahat started looking for one classroom after another. Suddenly, as he passed a classroom, a sweet sound came to Rahat’s ears. Rahat stopped there and listened behind the gate of that classroom. Rahat heard a sweet ghazal, Rahat listened to the ghazal with his mind,,,,,,

Riday maje mala gathi chhande aur gane ,,,,,,

You are in my blooming flower garden of the mind,,,,,

Riday maje mala gathi chhande aur gane ,,,,,

You are my blooming flower in the garden of the mind,,,,,,

You are the beloved prophet,,,,,

You are the beloved prophet

I think of you every moment,,,,,

Riday maje mala gathi chhande aur gane ,,,,,,

You are in my blooming flower garden of the mind,,,,,

Waves of separation wake up today in the shower of pain,,

Write the poem of losing Sharp in Jaroda letters,,,,

Nahi go such rabi,,,

Aadhaar Sabi,,,

Crying like Shravan Meg in your shelter,,,

Riday maje mala gathi chhande aur gane ,,,,,,

You are in my blooming flower garden of the mind,,,,,

Day and night


Don’t let me see you

I’m desperate

Always in love with you

Burning of sorrow,,,,


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