years of misguidance 40 years 50 years of mustang rishta


Muslim if your heart begins to dislike all other people shape and has gotten us stronger group of you then I had it to you having that you are a practical or practicing I am saying it happens to a lot of young brothers and sisters we start practicing after 20 years of misguidance 40 years 50 years of mustang rishta practicing and that very moment we start practicing we look at our own but these as people who are total governors but you are a government just yesterday where is the Mirchi if it took you 15 years to move it might take in 60 my taken 70 you want them to move in my mother’s brother come here for your registry take it easy talk to them nicely if a man does Tula or woman upon his or her death bed it’s not too late for as long as the as income to them today that this they made the Toba and they said the prophet Salah Salam told his uncle up on his deathbed Kulkarni mother noha jeweller Kapil ank the shahada and I will I find location their judgement subhanallah so even if someone spend their entire life in a specific way doesn’t mean they ended that way England was playing newzealand the other day was it New Zealand at the beginning what was the score sorry I know it’s embarrassing it’s ok you don’t need to say it right but what I mean is in your life it’s the same you can be as terrible as you work for 50 years 50 minutes in our work right of the match is a good with the same thing happens in our life you start the above may be in a bad way don’t lose hope to keep on trying you know I was watching I won’t take the names of these countries because some of them and they might be offended but there was a team losing you think it’s a joke it’s not surprised to see how in playing is do they make a changepets motivation for me man no matter how bad you doing just keep going one day with jackpot is win the match that what life is don’t lose hope in the Messiah good person don’t you think things that there really so we will not with even living even you once made you think that we are a lot tells you that strong we are the ones who gave you life use that life to come close to us because ultimately we should be blown your going to come back to us anyway when you come back you did your best you know Allah’s mercy is such that when we get back to Allah and he sees us questions asked for as long as we worship him alone for as long as we tried out best Allah says I am a wipe out through my messy what ever you have done in your life and still give you Paradise without reckoning a bi vi show open the message my brothers and sisters that happy home will not be a Happy family if it’s hold of gold of Salah if it is void of obedience to a lot best speak with respect spend time in the home sit with your family members talk to them help them empower them a good it to them and that’s the way we will be improving become a role model in your own home help the people ask yourself what they want to achieve is it ok in the eyes of let it happen I would stand I am the man of the house you know what those who have to donate to big responsibility to get the married online one of the biggest downfall is in the house people are saying you know I got children I was so good they were lovely mashallah my lovely person they grew older became so now the guys 25 years old he hasn’t ever ever done anything wrong within the home part you know what he wants to marry someone Oakley out of our culture cast wrong in your life they want to marry me talk to them see them give them time of the day may just be the parents through whom you will become a grand father or mother understand talk to them think like the world does not progress it has its moved in leaps and bounds the globe has changed and it is changing every minute if you are not going to live up to you going to have a very very sad life within the confines of what has taught you will progress you need to change your thinking you need to understand is diversity on earth some of our best friends don’t belong to our culture always and they are very close friends to ask ask yourself will you allow your child to marry the child of this person if the two of them really want to marry some peoples in no not over my dead body

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