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WhatsApp DP new a favour of those around you to for YouTube and a reward if you do the wrong thing you’re going to achieve the opposite don’t do the wrong thing it’s a namana can I prove to you that your children actually do not totally belong to you or your parents actually do not totally belong to you you are allowed to say my mother my father but let me tell you when you die when you hear that someone passed away what’s the first thing you say in USA in real lifeyou’ve been able to have more se but you had no se the child I will Allah had the same you didn’t have a saying the child was given to you as a lover not as you will to whose child is it in actual fact meaning who is the owner of that particular person is Allah Hu Allah give you some he doesn’t give some he gives only female some only made some both that is it and you get it the connection that you have some times between yourself and your family members is such that you make it to a gathering Jenner bring us together in general are United in paradise why because Allah give you a good time here on earth with each other to you want it but you know pink together injana I’ve always say my brothers and sisters worry about getting to jamuna once your day whatever you want you get anything you want you get it ESET nod32 have thus an essay do you know that you’re going to tell you even though we will say I am in human beings we felt we try who love Allah that’s why we’re sitting in his house by the way when you’re sitting at some of the house it means you’re close to them it was sitting at your house what does it mean .

I just came I set your 1 hour and I am ok I picked up something from the shelf and I did it ever imagine someone comes in 2 hours ago into the kitchen turn on with it means they close to you right come closer to allow you come into the mustard you sit you feel cool your relaxed don’t cause a problem in the house of Allah don’t start writing inviting here in the house of Allah this is the house of the fact that you’re here in you trying what do you want I know I love u I made a few mistakes but that’s not that’s not really me that’s actually you know a mistake that happened why so the forgiveness of Allah I know I’m not supposed to be doing xyz heading in the right direction by the will be stronger and stronger as time passes get closer and closer to a laugh at what will achieve this success for you so my brothers and sisters that happiness in the home and Happy home that happy family it comes when we realise and understand allah subhan allah should be used in hot dress code improve it ask yourself is this pleasing to my make if it is please you today tomorrow the next day and it’s not going to be easy you know analysis you do this you get Paradise that cannot be such a simple task is going to be quite tough because what you’re getting in return issued very big you know I like it 5 salad day it is amazing it is unit subhanallah the function that you have visited time when sometimes and some of the other prayers at time win others might say you know job you do it depends on how big the amount is offering you something that is bigger than anything you can imagine you can just get up and go back to sleep if you really want see your family see your home becoming a happy home it is you put it is second part of the narration the one was develop your relationship with the lord the other one was your character and conduct because that Allah has createdyou go to work on your heart to start with you go to cleanse yourself take out the jealousy take out the malice take out the end we take out the life you know everyone loves nice things but when the love will be items become so hai you want it by hook or crook and both cooking and cooking another Love right so you can cook I mean I want this what am I am gonna pinchi when we were young saying beg borrow steal you know what you can’t get to steel come on and begging is not dignified especially when you are a person who is able to give a new capabilities when you see a person begging and they know that I didn’t have you ever seen a Gai big muscles and from the gym and is begging actually I want to slap me back but my brothers and sisters given which develop our so many of us are lacking in character Muslims where an embarrassment to Islam a lot of the time we our dealings are not honest and then we looking for happiness sometimes the way we talk to people full form of CUI with I promise you can eradicate that we can do without it it doesn’t need to be there you want a Happy home use respect food items talk to people would love with care with respect in your home listen to them help them improve their problems your child might come to you and tell you the most absurd thing on your child at you are Mana you need to help the child you need to have hope you need to understand it’s easy for someone else to tell you communicate it charge the tide of the home and even it happened to them opposite police to listen to some on Earth is my home is you want happiness value with searching for content to it I promise to Islam has come with so much of is a lot of the people actually don’t follow it they think it’s a book by its cover sometimes you see people looking mashallah you’re going to need to ask if you know what is it is from Allah I need to pass it doesn’t mean because I look outwardly pi is it suddenly I am not pass all my test then she is a text your heart by doing what missing you becoming deti you start belittling people that’s why when you see a person whose who’s really close to all are one of the one of the clearest signs of the closeness to Allah is that your heart is stone you feel messy towards others that from The prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihis Salam it is because of the

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