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so you recognise the light in which is the light recognised bydo not make an effort to find out we definitely will be from the losers we need to educate ourselves what is it that the almighty ones from me I have a life that is so short when I die I am I just going to go into sin a is going to be a person is going to go back into the atmosphere and I’m going to be a person who is going to become a tree and a plant and so on these are questions that a pertinent there are questions that need answers for me and you to understand and the best the best if you look at the bulk of thosethere is definitely some way we are heading and indeed we need to prepare for the day I will leave because this world is just show contemporary I need at this moment to make sure that I live my life such that I reach out to as many people life time here you are living how long are you going to live for you don’t have a guarantee how long you will be here before so you mission here is one of two things over both of these things the first is to develop the linked with you will make you because you are definitely going to return to him so when we put it on the ground in what is known as the prostration also good we would say subhana rabbiyal a’la declaring the praise of who made us who is the hai mastram I am putting my head on the ground for whoever made me something amazing I put my head on the ground a lot of the times people have a misunderstanding you know when we are not educated well enough we thinkGlory be to you the most high the one you made me the one who nourishes the one who is in absolute control of every aspect of my existence I understood that I put my head on the ground for you and I worship you alone can I board what can I stein in the face of the Quran known as I have and I am sure you know the password no in my heart allah subhan allah really makes mention of one of the major aspects of the faith and that is you can only wish you a long we seek help so when we seek help from the almighty alone and when we worship we worship him alone we ask Allah han to grant us understand the first thing is to develop linked with the second thing is to reach out to the rest of the creatures of the almighty phase 3 starting with human beings we always beach being kind to your family been good to those around you your relatives your parents have been chosen for you not by error not by coincidence not by mistake carefully planned and selected by the almighty who made you he made you and he chose a means of creation through parents known as your parents so you will then a lot Peele Muslim or not Muslim of any faith you call them the respect you called in obedience for as long as they do not in structured to do something absurd that does not confirmed with that which the almighty has in store trusted because obviously we make in structure was one thing if those whom he chose to make you have instructed view with something contradictory who come first ultimate milk and egg on the sun and the standing so develop the linked with your parents and show that you speak with name correctly and show the you reach out to them like I said with a Muslim or not make sure that you serve them make sure that you do not abandon them make sure that you use them sometimes for hands for a

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