Nurjahan came to perform ablution and stood up to pray. Nurjahan was very frightened when he saw this dream. After finishing the prayer, he started saying to Allah.


Although Rahat’s legs are not very good, he has improved a lot. Rahat walks with a stick. One day, Nur suddenly turns his head. No, he went to the club, who sees Dr. Noor .. ??



Doctor: Mrs. Khan, bring sweets. Will you be a grandmother?

Runa Begum: Alhadulilah ,,, I heard you are going to be a grandfather ,, (said loudly to Mashum Khan) ..

Mashum Khan: Alhadulilah ,,, ??

Rina: I wonder how I can thank you, a new guest is coming to our house ,, ??

Doctor: Mrs. Khan, I will go then, and yes, will you take care of your wife’s body ??

Runa Begum: All right ??

The doctor left after saying this, everyone was very happy to hear this, Nurjahan’s family was informed of this news, they were also very happy, Nurjahan is thanking Allah in his heart ,,,

Rina: I think you sit down. I’m bringing sweets now ?? (Saying this, Rina went downstairs).

Runa Begum: You know, we are very happy today, I thought we would never see the faces of our grandchildren, we will die before that, (said in a tearful voice).

Nurjahan: Mother don’t say these things, please don’t cry, has Allah fulfilled the hope of your mind ?? (Runa wiped Begum’s eyes and said).

Runa Begum: Yes, mother, thank God for that.

Rina: I have come here, I think eat some sweets, ??

They are feeding sweets to three people. In the meantime, they come to the relief room and are surprised to see all these shoots.

Rahat: What happened to you today, Dad below seems to be happy to dance now, and you are sitting here with sweets, what is the matter?

Rina: Neka is showing off, it seems she doesn’t know anything 😏 ??

Relief: Rina … 😡 ??

Runa Begum: Rahat, I am very happy today, (says this and leaves with a kiss on the forehead of Nurjahan and Rahat) ..

Relief is like a fool ,,,

Rahat: I don’t understand what happened, tell me, Rina ??

Rina whispered in Rahat’s ear, “Run, and Rahat is happy to hear this.”

Rina whispers in Rahat’s ear ,,,,

Rina: Your son and daughter are coming to play with you, be careful 😜 ??

Rahat: This is what I heard, it means I will be a father, this is how it feels, (in my mind) ..

Seeing Nurjahan Rahat standing, he suddenly got out of bed and said,

Nurjahan: Sorry dear husband ,, I sat on your bed by mistake ,, you sit on the bed and take rest ,, ??

Rahat was a little upset with Nurjan’s words, because Rahat didn’t sit on his bed and show up for him.

Nurjahan: Dear husband, aren’t you happy? (In a soft voice).

Rahat is not saying anything, he is silent, seeing Rahat’s silence, Nurjahan’s face turned black, Nurjahan slowly walked away, and Rahat sat on the bed and started thinking.

Rahat: Why do I feel like this, how does it feel, this feeling has never happened, what should I do now, it has happened because of my mistake, I have not accepted Noor yet, so what should I do now? ? (In my mind).

After eating and drinking at night, everyone goes to sleep, Rahat did not talk to Nurjahan anymore, Nurjahan slept on the sofa.

Rahat: Nur, you will ruin this child ,, I don’t want this child ,, (in an angry voice) ..

Nurjahan: Dear husband, please don’t say this, I can’t do this at all, this is a big sin, (said crying).

Rahat: I don’t want to hear anything from you, who will come to the hospital with me tomorrow and have an abortion ,, (Nurjahan said holding both cheeks).

Nurjahan: Dear husband, I can’t kill my child as a mother, please, please, please, (fell at Rahat’s feet and started crying).

Rahat got more angry when he heard this ,, Rahat kicked Nurjahan in the stomach ,,,,

(Nurjahan jumped up and woke up) ..

Nurjahan: I have been dreaming for so long. It was a very scary dream. In my opinion, he did not call for Fajr.

Oh my god

I don’t know why I saw this dream, but this dream may not come true, God. Thank you in your court for healing my husband. Oh God, please don’t hurt my baby. You soften my husband’s mind with this child, he seems to be getting better. You have given me what I have asked you to this day, and I have no regrets about what you have not given me, but today I will ask you one thing, you take my life and give my child’s life, God, I want Let my child see the face of this world, may God not harm him, may he not be harmed. You have seen how happy everyone is for this child, don’t take away the smile on their faces, God, send my child to this world in a healthy way, God, this is what I want from you, please God, have mercy, God. As if my dear husband is coming back from the bad path to the good path, give him more guidance, Allah, give him guidance, keep everyone healthy, keep him well, Allah, (Allah Humma Amin). (Manajat) After sitting in Jainamaz, I started crying) ..

Meanwhile, Rahat woke up to the sound of crying, today Nurjahan munajat said a little louder, so Rahat got to hear everything lying in bed ,,,,

Rahat: I was asleep when suddenly the sound of crying started coming to my ears, mango

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