limits to it so it would go beyond the normal


no  solimits to it so it would go beyond the normalme Muslims where he to goes beyond the limits I’ve seen it even people disagree with you on one match you know recently there was something that happened people ask me a question example the ruling of cryptocurrency what is it now to be honest with you that you can use one says it’s ok not ok in a nutshell you do not hate on each other I heard someone say if this crisis it’s ok that’s the end of my relationship with him what food should have a love what a fool house no mind it is that because I actually what has happened in that particular case would be what ever the millions of points of benefit you could benefit from a man you just discounted incomplete in because of one difference you had any and Amen did you say that and on top of that even if we did what is right in your wrong so my brothers and sisters this is something amazing

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