Ho condition

o condition and the reactions that we have when we are faced with challenges and illusion all sources in the story he compares and contrasts the reactions of different people to the same external event with the same external obstacle follow us have more fun when is when was styling is selling is now trying to escape Pharaoh following with his army and now him and his people are face in another red Sea and economy behind the superpower army and a group of slaves and now not put in this very very difficult situation doing find ourselves in a difficult situation just now you are kinda we have only a couple more days right we are in a very difficult situation and when that to a was when it should sites other the people of us have in the people we will indeed be overtaken exactly exactly how many was found after the last election win over in uttarakhand reaction to being stuck in for the red Sea with the superpower army behind you it’s true reaction that we had a want to tell you something amazing and it is the reaction of Musa alaihissalam same exact situation is looking at the same situation parts his buffy and his his heart is looking at and focus on something else call attend he said no by no means the word as you know is a very emphatic no way absolutely not in my ABC engineer my Lord is with me and he will guide me through this the reason why I love this story so much is because the story isn’t just story it’s awesome it’s something with our kids but it isn’t a bad son story it is a sin and all

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