Ground solution 2018 for solutions mein

Ground solution 2018 for solutions mein Allah subhan Allah grant is 2000 struggling with any form of difficulty it in the family unit or outside of the family unit in whatever way it may be Mela ground kyon to those who are sick and may Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala have mercy upon those who have passed on Amin my brothers and sisters that were alaikumussalam when I first got up here was very very encouraging one of the reasons why I am here it Allah mashallah when we speak people respond and that’s very good for the speaker because at least you don’t feel like you’re just speaking to a wall mashallah but rather you are speaking to brothers and sisters who love each other for the sake of Allah I feel the love mashallah and I felt it a brother here are saying can I take a picture and can I know take a picture and so on can I greet and can I share can can I forget 17 my brothers and sisters that is not always possible number 1 number 2 is that’s not going to get you any closer to jannatul with else and show you know that I always say you take a picture with any share any one you cannot show an angel that is a listen have a picture with this guy you gotta let me through here you know know that all there is to a certain extent excitement among people sometimes if you like the most intelligent of the lot of those who sit with their turn around and take that selfie from where there is heated and they don’t need to ask anyone about anything and I had one brother saying it like to be like you and someone sometime say I like to my children to be like you when I say you’re aiming very low you go to a much higher than I like me I like me you go to the true heroes and their record is already subhanallah for us to see the companions of the prophet chosen by allowed my tinsel anyway the topic this evening is towards a Happy family martial art was searching for happiness for contentment for goodness for success guess who is the owner of wills who is the owner of those if you’d like all of that primarily you start off by knocking the right if you happen to search for happiness goodness contentment success money who doesn’t 1 money everyone’s money right who wants Manipur of your hand don’t come over heretells us something after he was asked question by his companions question I get to the question what’s your whats my I am completely where do we want to reach can you tell me jannatul firdaus it means Paradise ultimately I want to reach Paradise I I tell you something moments ago I was in North London I wanted to reach this mustard what can I do what I think I did I was driving by the way what do you think I did do I know London GPS the problems is GPS he is 100% spot on its called tom-tom but is a lady speaking I don’t know confusing right my brothers and sisters that’s exactly what I did East East London one of the first dropdowns was East London to show how many people actually come to the masjid and it’s a good thing the first dropdown is not that much and I clicked on it it started showing me right when I missed 110 it showed me what to do you need to do this now go back and come back onto the road you know why I’m tryna get some way mistake perhaps we were talking it was quite busy that traffic was a lot this time of the day hi my brothers and sisters we have something more serious than and navigation system that will take you straight to your ultimate goal which you all said is paradise and that is the weather of Allah Allah tells you turn left you turn left and right you turn right go straight to go straight stop you stop go back to go back make you can you make Newton but the problem is we don’t turn on that GPS the GPS is such that it actually told you speed trap subhanallah you know what’s going on you want and happiness day is the TomTom showing you the happiness in fact we cannot even call it the TomTom we need to call it quits guide there is it direction Street it will lead you to a specific goal and you know that but the problem is no way to engrossed in the world let me tell you there is a balance between the duniya and the affair this will be life and the hereafter prism beautiful balance those who tell you to devote yourself from this world have not understood the world and those who tell you do enjoying to the degree that you’ve forgotten where you are going to go have also not understood the reality of the world alice’s when he speaks about that you are a prayer and supplication that is to be made warming up at duniya in the balance between this life and the next life through these se overload run test goodness in this world that’s the beginning of the tour amazing in a manner such that we want the goodness of this world which analysis we will give you the goodness of this work we will give you the goodness of the square not necessarily what do you think is your goodness I was speaking to some brothers today and I want to ask all of you within yourself look within yourself and see do you know that it’s sometimes if the plan you had for your own life was granted exactly as you want to read perhaps you would not have seen thethat was not firing it is Allah closing the door to say I think you can do better on your home and we got depressed and loss the job is why you’re getting depressed pick up the pieces it was not in your hands so it might have been to a small the great according to our loved ones and you know what that would be something positive for inowner of the genre is Allah is shown as the past but were not prepared to turn it on why we have in here to read the and with its meaning we haven’t yet understood it we haven’t bothered to put into practice we haven’t bothered to become good people now let’s get back to the Hadith I was saying on of my way so the process was asked what are the characteristics of those who are in paradise what would be the reason that got them into Paradise wouldn’t you like to know that a person who won a match for race for an examination a person who passed with flying colours and if you need to get to that position wouldn’t you like to have a meeting with them to see how do you get to where you’ve got to please let me know then I’ll tell you I did this I did this and I did this you have to do that because if you are looking at someone as a role model someone you some where you want to be you need to know what they did to get pay so that you can actually get there too the people of Chennai in general I want to know how did I get why it is I want to do that so do you think the prophet sallallahu ala wasallam belong lecture and he told them because getting genre is my main Golden your getting Paradise did you give them along lecture no he just said to it towards you know whatever he was looking chapter closed then had it and you need to think the people of journal have to colleges main predominance what are they the consciousness of Allah meaning the relationship with Allah and secondary.

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