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and se itni not be treated and for 60 to 70 years se 627 is fine and the for 70 to 80 7087 things like that so basically for 50 years 5 is fine 66 is fine 78758 ps8 is fine so this is almost a rough range in whic

h we would do you know treat a patient provided they don’t have any symptoms and pregnancy paise coming on to what could be the requirement as a order to live there is a 30 to 50% requirement higher requirement during pregnancy patient was already hyperthyroid gets pregnant and they are taking 100 microgram per dher of cliche so per week it to calculate they’ll be taking around 700 microgram so 30% of 700 come to 10 microgram so 100 tablets to extract tablets she’ll have to take for that week to compensate for the extra requirement so once you’re getting pregnant you would always want to take to extract tablets of the same dosage is taking per week not every day in that when we after your regular medication se on a Sunday you have to take to moon tablets before you go and consult your treating doctor it’s always better to do your 30 is monitoring as per address of your doctor bunty please you are not able to go and meet your doctor it is always better to take 2 tablets per week extra to tablets for weak apart from the usual daily once tablet per we will have to take before visiting your doctor what ko what would happen because of over treatment and under treatment suppose your thyroxine hormone level is low or your tablet dosage is less what can happen the symptoms of hypothyroidism may not get relieved it may worsen your cholesterol me get elevated you are bad cholesterol LDL make it elevated and you can have memory problems for BP diastolic BP will be more your body weight can increase you can have heart failure or heart attacks all the things suppose your thyroxine hormone tablet dose is high then what can happen heart failure can happen atrial fibrillation your heart can start beating in an abnormal way and you can also have heart attacks your bones can fracture because of osteoporosis calcium problems things like that and the next comes in which brand to just basically it is always better to choose a very good Brandon company which is there in the market from a very long time and has a good standard of quality and manufacturing suppose you are changing a brand from one branch to another because of an availability or suggestion by another doctor then is always better to do your TSH repeat after 6 weeks of the most fatal complication so it is always better not to over treat and is always better to you know keep your TSH and your hormone levels in the normal

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