Doctor: Look, Mr. Rahat, I have hidden something from you?

 Rahat Khan is a talented boy from old Dhaka. It would be wrong to say only a talented boy. Pretty nice to see. Alcohol, heroin, marijuana, or yaba are all trafficked and consumed. Rahat was left alone after his mother died in infancy. Rahat didn’t see his father, he doesn’t even know if he is alive or dead. One of Rahat’s mothers was his mother, but today Rahat doesn’t have that either. One day he swears that number 1 will be successful. This dream of relief has been fulfilled. Today and No. 1 Bachata. There are hands with many leaders in the area. They have been jailed many times for smuggling these drugs but to no avail. They have a gang, everyone in the area looks at them with hatred and fear. This is his life, that’s why he spends his days ….



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Nur ,,,,, full name Nurjahan Nur. Nur is reading and writing in the 10th class in Madrasa. Nur is a Hafeza of Quran. Mash Allah is very beautiful to look at. Santa-Srishta is a sweet girl. She has been on the screen ever since she learned to understand. Nur is two brothers and sisters. Nur’s father is a madrasa teacher. Nur’s family used to live in Fultala village. Nur’s father has been transferred and posted in old Dhaka. Tomorrow they all came to Dhaka from there. Nur has been admitted to a female madrasa here.

Nur’s mother: Nur ,,,, Nur ,,, !!

Nur: Yes mom ??

Nur’s mother: Nur has done a lot of work all day. Tomorrow or the rest of the gulu gachebe now eat and lie down. Do you have to go to madrasa again tomorrow ??

Nur: All right mom ??

Nur ate food and went to sleep with his younger brother.




Club ..

Rahat: This Rocky brought me another bottle of wine ..? .. (said in a drunken voice) ..

Rocky: Brother, how much more will you eat? Are you going home now ?? (in a soft voice)

Rahat: Do what I told you to do from here ,,, (said leaning his head in the chair) ..

Rocky: Well brother ??

Rocky brought another bottle of wine and gave it to Rahat. Rahat drank the wine and fell asleep there due to intoxication. Rocky picks up Rahat in a car and takes him home and puts him to bed with Rumi ….

In the morning

Nur performed the Fajr prayers and recited the Qur’an. After reading Nur’s Qur’an Sharif, he made breakfast for everyone.

Iman Hossain: (Nur’s father) Mother Nur, after a while your cousin will come, you go to the madrasa with her.

Nur: All right Dad ??

Nur is ready to go to the madrasa. After a while, Nur’s cousin came to their house.

Rahima: Nur, are you ready ??

Nur: Hmm?

Rahima: Come on, will it be too late?

Nur: Hmmm,,, Mom, am I coming ??

Nur’s mother: Be careful ??

Nur: Yes?

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Nur and Rahima left for the madrasa. Noor is wearing a black veil, socks on her hands and feet, and her eyes. The madrasa can be reached by walking not far from Noor’s house. Nur and Rahima reached the madrasa. Nur became acquainted with all the shadows of the madrasa. It’s good that Nur is known to everyone. Madrasa holiday is at 12 o’clock, Nur and Rahima had two more daughters, with whom Nur has become good friends. There is a big tea shop in an alley between the four of them. Rahat and his friends hang out in that shop. If they see any girls leaving, they tease them and talk nonsense. Rahat never said anything to his friends about this. Because Rahat doesn’t like girls much. After they came in front of that shop, Rahat’s friends started saying 

Rimon: Petani or Petani or Bal Hur Pari. If I could get one, then,,, (I laughed out loud saying this).

Ronnie: Ha re this keychains,,, that beautiful mother (looked at them and said).

Nur: Rahima, what are these boys telling us ??

Rahima: Yes Nur. When they see us all the time, they talk nonsense.

Nur: Have you ever said this to your father or brother?

Liza: Nur, you are new, so don’t go for anything. My elder brother went to protest, they killed my brother and broke his leg. Since then, no one has approached them to protest. (Said upset).

Nur: Then who is the police,,,,, (Rahima stops before saying the rest).

Rahima: The police have Nur in their pockets. The leader among them is Rahat Khan. He has hands with a lot of big note-feta de. If the police catch them in the morning, they go home again in the afternoon. Tell me how they will be good now?

Nur: May Allah guides them. (Said with a big sigh).

Nur came home to talk to them. He came home fresh and performed Zuhr prayers. The rest of the house was packed and he ate dinner and fell asleep. In the morning they went to the madrasa together. Their house was in an alley. After the Madrasa holiday, when they came home with 4 people, Rahat’s friends started teaching again 

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Xian: Looks like the new flower Tusi has been added to the three of them,,,, let’s get better ??

Ronnie: Yes! It looks good. Body Tao also thinks that will be ,,, (saying for Nur’s purpose).

4 of them are bowing their heads and not saying anything. They understand very well who they are talking about Nur,,,,

Rimon: Do you say you have to see the new mother one day?

Xian: Hmmm,,,, a very good mother *** l re ,,? (Everyone laughed out loud when she said this).

Nur could not stand there anymore and started walking straight towards them,,,,,,

Rahima: Don’t go to them. Come back, sister ??

Liza: Don’t go Nur,,, they are not good boys,,, Nur,,?

Nur did not stop at their words and went straight in front of them and stood straight. Everyone was a little surprised to see Nur. Nur Ode

But there is no word that people do not have a good time for long. This is exactly what has happened to them. Suddenly Nur’s pain rose and they took Nur to the hospital,,,,

After taking him to the hospital, the doctor took Nur to the ICU. Nur’s condition was very bad. Maximum Khan called Rahat and told him about Nur. After listening to Rahat Nur, he left the hospital without a minute’s delay.

Meanwhile, after taking Nur to the ICU, two female doctors in front of Nur are saying to one another,

Doctor: Listen, the patient’s condition is not very good. Who can be saved, not the mother but the child?

Second Doctor: Yes! That’s why I saw. We have to talk to his family about this. We will save whoever they ask to save ??

Doctor: Yes, so let’s go, and this girl’s husband must be brought along?

Second Doctor: Hmm?

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The two doctors were talking softly, but Nur listened to them all. Nur was wearing an oxygen mask. Nur gently removes the mask and calls the doctor with a hand gesture. The doctor sees Nur’s hand gestures and comes to Nur. Nur gently opened the oxygen mask with his hand and said ,,,

Nur: Please tell me something. (In a soft voice).

Doctor: Say yes! What do you mean?

Nur: Who are you to save my child? (Tears welled up in his eyes).

Doctor: Did you hear everything? (Said in a panic).

Nur: Hmmm doctor! Please, who are you to save my baby? (In a tearful voice)

Doctor: Calm down. We ask your family, we will do what they say. We have very little time?

Nur: I know what my family members will say. They will tell me who is not my child to save me. But tell me how I, as a mother, will see my child die in front of my own eyes. Please don’t tell this to my family members. Tell them when the operation is over (crying).

Doctor: Look, Mrs. Noor, we can’t do that. This is a great injustice. They have every right to know about this. So ,,, (Nur stops).

Nur: Please. I have seen the light and air of this world. I have enjoyed the peace of this world. But my child has not seen anything. And now if he leaves this world before he comes, then tell me how I will endure it as a mother. I am falling at your feet. And don’t deprive him of his father’s love. Does it hurt Allah? (He said crying).

The doctor was very upset to hear the light of the two people ,,,

(Assalamu Alaikum, Dear Story Dear Friends, This story may not be the way you want it to be, so please don’t make a bad comment, if you like the story, I’ll bring Season 2, and Season 2 Please let me know in the comments, thanks,)

Doctor: All right! We will save your child. Do all the arrangements for the nurse operation?

Nur: I became angry with you.

Doctor: Don’t say that now. All mothers want their children to come into the world in a healthy way but I have seen mothers like you very much. Is this the first time that you have become obsessed with bringing your child into the world in exchange?

Nur: Thank you?

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All the arrangements for the operation of the doctors have been made. Now it’s Rahat’s turn to come. Rahat will actually start the operation with his signature on paper. Rahat reached the hospital, the car stopped, ran out of the car and went upstairs and stood next to the operation theater.

Rahat: Where is Mom Noor, is Noor ok ?? (Uwejito said) ..

Runa Begum: Santa Ha Baba! Nur’s condition is not much better and after a while the operation will start after Nur. We were waiting for you?

Doctor: Are you her husband? (Says the purpose of relief) ..

Relief: Yes!

Doctor: Can you sign this paper? (Passing the paper to Rahat).

Rahat: I want to see Nur for a while, Doctor, (said on paper) ..

Doctor: Sorry Mr. Rahat can’t be seen now. All the arrangements for the operation have been made. So can you meet after the operation ??

Relief: Please see the doctor only once, (said with folded hands).

Doctor: I’m sorry! (That said the doctor went inside the operating theater).

Rahat sat down on the bench upset. The operation has started. Everyone is under a lot of tension. Rahat is standing there walking and fidgeting for Nur and the baby. Rahat is praising God in his mind. It’s been a long time but no one has come out of the theater, everyone is more tense when they see it. After a while, a doctor took a cute baby from the operating theater and gave it to them.

Doctor: Mr. Relief has been your daughter. Take this your daughter? (Rahat said)

Everyone smiled a little when they saw the baby. The baby is like a light, very beautiful to look at. Rahat saw his daughter and tears welled up in her eyes. Rahat is holding his daughter in his arms and kissing her forehead and looking at her with a look full of Maya. Suddenly I remembered the light of relief ,,,,

Rahat: How is Dr. Noor? Nur is healthy. Do I want to see him now, Doctor? (Said in a worried voice)

Doctor: Look, Mr. Rahat, I have hidden something from you?

Mashum Khan: What is the secret, what do you want to say openly, doctor ?? (Worried).

Doctor: Actually, Nur told me (everyone said everything Nur said).

Rahat heard the doctor’s words and rushed there

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