decided to create man definitely would never have left mankind without showing him for explaining to him why he was created should have decided to send messengers in order for these messengers to convey to us all as mankind why he created us sometimes we sit and we ponder over the creation of the almighty and we look into ourselves and we feel that the life we have is complete it is full it is unique and it is such sometimes we feel that it’s not so easy for me to die right here right now and meet my creator this is what sometimes the human mind human nature makes us feel because a lot of the time we would think that I am healthy I am a person who is not suffering any disease perhaps I am sitting at home that’s I am in comfort zone not realising that no matter how are you no matter how well we may be no matter how easy our life my be there will come a day when we will depart when we will leave this world and we messenger Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam has told us that the average lifespan of the members of my home is between 60 and 70 years so those who live below 60 have perhaps live below the average and those who have clocked 70 would now be living on that which would be known as above average it is easier for us to prepare for the day we meet to the maker when we become older but the winner is he or she who can be prepared at any given time to meet them make his or her make up mein Allah subhan Allah grant this is the reason why I started in this way is because I believe is very very closely connected to the message that the almighty has sent and accepting it understanding that this life is in fact temporary it is something that does not last forever no matter how I help you are a day will come when we you and I shall be gone just like those before us have already left their left yet they were held here than US and they had more than us take a look at our room for example one of the men who was there at the time of Musa alaihissalam the prophet Moses make peace be upon him and the time of the fade away Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says I am I am not have any man who was the tyrant as he not seeing that we have destroyed Nations who are more powerful than him greater in number moin might have as he not seen and learnt a lesson from that we ask the almighty to grant is goodness the point being made is he was powerful and before him were people who are my dear who had left I love us would look at this life as being that which we need to clean to and we need to enjoy as much as we can do as we please not realising that we should be enjoying but will in the parameter shown to us by the light that was sent to us from the almighty who made us in the first place has made us we are not here to night coincidently you made an effort to come hear someone brought you here for you draw yourself here you made an effort to be here mashallah you come up with some warmsuddenly have a jacket on you without you having made any effort you know you just feel cold in next thing you have a beautiful jacket and its own you that doesn’t happen similarly we are not coincidentally here in this world we did not just Ham up for no reason and we will then just die without anything to come rather we were put here by a Maker natural belief and this maker we are answerable and responsible to him and it would be wrong for the milk to have brought US into this world with out having given as direction so he sent for us the guiding light from the very beginning the light theme through the prophet at the mileage salato Salam op mein call him the four father our Father who we say is the greatest grandfather that we would know at them please be upon him the light came the instruction came he was told he was told he told his children and his student of days and so on and every so often The Almighty sent messengers win name he send the light what was this light a set of instructions why have I made you what is this life all about and this is why you take a look at those who have forgotten that they are going to return to a Maker and they do as they please in this world many a time you would find that they do not enjoy the life no matter what they have they are still not happy I want more and this is why the messenger peace be upon him and told us that the son of Adam is such that if you to give you my Mary full of grace you do want another one you know sometimes we sit in my shall I see you know pad se lorawa share expatriate people who come here to work with me give you this example we have people who come from humble beginnings and the shift to a country like this thinking that we’re going to earn money and perhaps we will then you know by something back at home or invest and try and get out all settled and perhaps or children and so on and maybe we would be happy with the first million dollars and what happens if you make a mark you hit the million and when you hit the million to stop answer is no you start looking at the next million and when we had two million before you know it 10 million and before you know it you won’t know because now you all have the buildings in your little city and the next thing you want to be a big boss so it doesn’t stop this is explained by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the son of Adam and Eve us to give him valley full of gold you want another one second one he wanted one should have gone to goodness he who is disciplined and understand the guest we should be enjoying the life in this world as best we can on condition that we do not compromise the pleasure of our own making is the one who is the happiest in this world the one who has the most contentment sometimes you can actually see on the face this person is so content they are so happy yet they have imposed upon themselves restrictions that they have found in the guiding light so now we do it to look at the power-on for example and although we do accept the Bible in the old testament and so on in its original form with you believe that there are few discrepancies and it has been changed over time as you know so many versions and so on so we will be fighting the poorer and because without doubt there is no change in it and this is a challenge that has been made from the very beginning and repeated today where there is no difference in the Quran that we would read and that which was read 1400 years ago mein Allah subhan Allah grant us the ease of understanding this guidance and the light and the Revelation solecismboring statement that would require no is it a person should be fasting  worshipping The Almighty simply means in showing that you do not go against his commands and ensuring that you try your best to fulfill the obligations that he has laid upon you and this is when we will achieve a lot of happiness a lot of joy and of goodness and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala describe the paraan when addressing the people of the book and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says there is goodness so my brothers and sisters happiest of all those who understand that we need to live by set rules and regulation that were revealed by the one who made as no one who created the one whom we are going to return to and this is where we get to the worship of the one alone singular he who made me sometimes we have discussions with people of different backgrounds ceiling of the worship and see what happens in their lives and so on and seeing the type of light de derived from which source and so on and we always have this overriding issue that the maker is one would Jesus worship the one you made me I don’t him my worshipping The Almightylook at the root of the word Allah which is the name given to the deti you will find that it also includes its meaning the worship one I love you to worship the one who is worshipped the one who is worship Allah so if I say Allah Hu Akbar in Asus all I’m saying is the one who is worshipped is the greatest so who is the one who is worship who made me a military I call him the worship one is one is singular he is alone I am not allowed to worship anything or anyone besides he who made me whether it is a human being whether it is a tree or a stick or a stone or a source of power besides he who is the maker or a profit of the almighty or a stained or a grave or a tree now my life is once it is observed for me to reach that life by worshiping rat which I would be visiting my entire life by worshipping that which is created just like I am I need to worship the milkar alone so if I were to say for example the name of an individual and I would say I wish him what a big risk taking because I draw the se I will ship the one who made me and this is why we take a look at the Arabic language the term is used when we say alhamdulillah not bhilai army race is due to the worshipped one of the world’s when we say no to the world the term lord is used because the English language does not have the exact equivalent of the weather of bull has been the Arabic language includes would mean the one we made you in the first place the one who nourishes cherishes provides for the one movies in absolute control of every aspect of your life and mine every aspect of existence the one whom we are going to return to call this at and parcel of the term Rab so when we say we actually referring to America the cherisha the provider the one he alone the irresistible and for this reason if we were to be bothered and we were to take a cave.

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