daily once dosages needed in empty stomach

 daily once dosages needed in empty stomach hurts the most preferred and it is very good absorption and the d harp 67 days it stays in the body for almost you know 7 days for some of its metabolism to get the one and only by 28 days at change in the blood can be monitored and the cost of this is related to the very low and what is the goal of treatment what what would be like to achieve by treating this your symptoms as will come down and you’ll feel very much better your team will go back to normal and even your hormone levels t4 and t3 will also go back to normal have you can also take precautions that view not over Creek you so that because of what treatment there are fewer complications and I will shall be discussing short the next which community comes through all of them required the same dosage of thyroxine this thyroxine dose is decided mostly based on the body weight and the condition so what condition caused this hyperthyroidism in the previous it should I tell you what are the common conditions which cause hypothyroidism so based on these conditions will be deciding whether what dose is required for this particular patient and if thyroid gland is removed by surgery those people will be the requiring a higher dose when compared to those for having some autoimmune thyroid problems and young people will be requiring more dosage when compared the old female should be requiring more dosage when compared to the males and people were overweight will be requiring more dosage but beyond the particular weight will always want to lo titrate or step down the doors of the thyroxine hormone other tablet even during pregnancy the requirement of the thyroid hormone increases so are the thyroid sim level or the hormone level should be taken in a higher dosage and when there are also other agents which are interfering with the function of this thyroxine tablet then also you may have to take high dose of thyroxine hormone so what could be the usual dose is required for a patient who is having hypothyroidism this hypothesis I’m for adults usually would start with the 1.5 microgram per gets it is said that 1.6.8 is the requirement but 1.5 you should cut off we keep in day to day practicethose who want to take with you want to see prescribed for a patient but if the symptoms are getting subject is the lowest dose in the lowest dose is the best doors which should be prescribed to a patient and if the people and elderly then we would if there if you are starting them on a treatment for a first time then we will always start with low-dose because as it already told higher thyroxine dose can always cause a few problems so you always start with an overdose se 12.5 or 25 of 56 patient will have to start on higher dose and when they are growing older and older travel is doors can we increase Bass on the tolerance also for pregnancy the dosage will be increased by more than 30% on 30 to 50% more required Aman tomo thyroxine hormone requirement will be there for a pregnant lady because the hormone is essential for the pregnant ladies functioning as well as for the baby initially so this hormone requirement will be more during in the time of pregnancy so we would always scale up the dose during pregnancy also for children were young children for them the dosages you know bit higher almost like a 5 to 10 times more than the adult range so for them the dosage is something different so what are the cutoffs for

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