alaihi wasallam does not need you and I in order to defend him although we consider it an honour and inshallah with wha

 alaihi wasallam does not need you and I in order to defend him although we consider it an honor and inshallah with what he has torch we would definitely defenders owner may Allah subhanahu the ground as goodness so here goes my brothers and sisters write the beginning the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam came down from the Mount Mount Heera win jibreel had come to him with prophethood and 

he told his wife some words name was and he said you remember those who is discover me and help me and so on immediately she covered she had she embraced the story and she believed it gets why because she knew him those who don’t know him don’t believe but she you knew so when you know someone you can immediately for them you can literally put your head on the block for them Richmond I believe him that was a wife I stop for a moment at different topic how many of US I will believe what we said subhanallah look at the relationships we have to de this evening you to be telling you wife way you will last night I believe you how bad it has become here today mein Allah subhan Allah grant us a good understanding its go back to our topic when the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam at some point started spreading the message UN allah subhan allah today I help that envelops o you who is subhanallah and give them the warning The warning of what stop misbehaving stop doing bad things v 

the shipping date is besides Allah stop all the evil that is happening and become a pride that is the message of Islam Subhanallah he got a shop in Mount so far he was known as a Sadiq al-amin the truthful the trust vary by his own people and when he got up on Mount sofa and heat gavel the people of Qureshi they 

were mostly his relatives if you come from a certain religion UFO fathers were from the same village chances are the majority of the village related to you near Uluru distance but they would know you and your father’s day new them and what happened he gets up and he still oh my people are you want you of a severe punishment that is to come and he spoke to them about worshipping Allah alone and the day of reckoning and immediately one person who was influential got up and what did he say the bell 

Muhammad Ali hazard and destruction b2u o Muhammad is this why you get that us you want to steal this upon you did any destruction come to the profits or losses were those statements anything besides destruction against the one who after them so this is why I immediately Allah Subhan Allah revealed Surat lahar in Mecca beautiful wishes is men’s leather ya Muhammad Urdu Billa alice’s tab bat yada abi Lahab you know who are you still there we need to go back and look at the meanings of rose inshallah the next time you pick your phone up go to the trans

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