No beans 9.  Different.  Amatha, pa sa nidh WI sha malake (aan karelen, that day is for Allah shorun. ঋgile a. That date (as a chador) will be kept piliya. Then when it becomes a hobby, when something is not pikap karisya calculate zakat and pay the path  It smells like muscle to someone, because, I know, he suddenly falls to his death and loses the opportunity to do good deeds and stays on the shoulders of a sinner.  Then they will repent and beg from them and ask for money and give it to both of them while they are here. In other words, they will give it at any time of their life, they will not keep any bakshi. 2. They will have to pay Zakat of one fortieth part of masala goods. 10 rupees for one hundred rupees, 500 rupees.  If you have to pay this money .. 3. When Masala gives the goods of Zakat to a poor Misurkin, then he will think in his mind that I am also giving Zakat for this money.  No, zakat will have to be paid again  He will be rewarded separately and will be rewarded separately.  4.  Masala # Say, when the goods of zakat are given to the poor, he did not think of zakat, in such a case if the goods remain in the hands of the poor, if he intends zakat, zakat will still be paid, but if he intends to pay zakat, then zakat will be paid.  No;  Again.  Zakat must be paid.  5.  Masala: If someone puts two rupees in one place for the purpose of separate zakat.  That, when a suitable vessel is found, it will be given to him, then when a suitable vessel is found and given to him, he does not remember the intention of Zakat.  In such a case, the zakat will be collected.  If it had not been set aside, zakat would not have been collected.

Dil • ‘d, al 3 aini.  Not another one.  |  ‘Challenge [a] becomes Oli.  .  It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that I don’t love you.  She is born with its light (K9 so lalam yf ma mukhani. This light. SOME 69 91096 90 MERCUM et masala any one shili we want trina diamond; which is value. ‘No! * M or that, to pay  ‘Shi5e shantinae na na jabe na, ei kshan. | It was said that it would happen, but he did not pay the money, but [s li. Taje, m e jaan si injilat thinks, oh go away.  So there it is. If there is a niqab in the face, if there is no niyyat for it, then there will be no tax on it, no matter how much income there will be. 4 | Masyala:  This is not the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing, and it’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing, and it’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing.  , * When you do it with a bean in your hand to steal. During the day; you will give it to Haha again.) 10.  Masala?  If a poor person is given zakat goods as a reward or a flute, but he has the intention of zakat in mind, then zakat will be collected in that too.  (It may be inconvenient for them to give Zakat in this way if they tell the honorable needy person about Zakat. But if they do not have children of Sayyid clan or wealth, then they should not be allowed to be from Zakat, they should be allowed to be from Lillah.)  Masala: A poor person owed 10 rupees and his zakat on his property has become 10 rupees or more.  In this case, if the debt is waived for the sake of zakat, then zakat will not be collected.  Of course, if you give him 10 rupees for zakat, the zakat will be paid.  Now it is right to take this money from him for tax evasion.  12.  Masala: After calculating the amount of money that someone has, his zakat became 2 taels of silver.  Now if he does not wear 3 locks and gives 2 rupees to the poor (silver), then zakat will not be collected.  Because, 2 taka allo is not such an upstream 3 tala;  But the law and order of the Shari’ah is that when the father of silver pays the zakat of silver, then the account of its origin cannot be taken into account, the weight must be taken into account.  Of course, the price of oil and silver is 2 rupees, which is two taka of army or copper money (Zakat will be collected if you give paddy, rice cloth, Zakat will not be collected if you give less than 3 ounces of silver).  Masala: If the money of Zakat is not given to the poor in one’s own hands, then it is given to so

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