He came forward and bowed his head and said, I love you.

He came forward and bowed his head and said, I love you.

Men will tempt you

He came forward and bowed his head and said, I love you.

Let your friends know about his concerns for him

I will write a letter of separation to draw your attention.

You are a woman

Possess a soft heart and infinite sacrifice.

You will fall in love with him knowingly or unknowingly

That man will show you dreams of happiness.

Gene will let you understand that negligence in his dictionary

 There is no word for hatred or segregation

Rather there is unlimited love equal to heaven!

You will fall in love with false temptations

Pure love will ruin his legs.

Will rebel with family and society

If you can’t get up, you’ll run to another city

The bond will be bound forever.

The man will be your husband.

Do you understand the meaning of husband, wife?

Husband means God, who has everything in his hands.

He will do whatever he wants –

Grow and get what you want

Will take his rights.

Greedy to say something!

Your romance will be his weakness!

You will slowly understand that it is negligence.

If you rebel, he will suppress you –

With obscene words,

If he can’t do it at all, he’s in hard hands.

He will remind you again and again that He is your Lord

And you, a trivial woman, not a man.

Will make you a housewife

The kitchen is the bedroom and the baby is your kingdom

A man will one day become an object called the body!

You don’t want your husband to be just a housemaid

Only the body will remain! Never mind!

You wanted a blue world where there was only joy

You wanted a boyfriend

With which the whole life will be cut off

Will, exchange everything with him.

Listen to this woman,

It is easy to find God, not a lover.


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