Aunty your daughter Sadia has been hanging out with the boys lately these days.

 Aunty your daughter Sadia has been hanging out with the boys lately these days.

-Your head is right! Sure today “You ate the wrong thing”?

– I knew you would say this. In fact, no one has to do well.

– Don’t talk so much. If there is proof, give it !?

– Aunty sees this. In the picture your daughter is kissing. And the boy is hiding his face!

-Sakib, I’m finished! Who am I spending so much money for? If your uncle knew, he wouldn’t leave me alone!

-Auntie, don’t stress! I am I will kill that boy and send him away. In return you will cook and feed me middle biryani! And there is a matter of money!

– Dad, do whatever you want. I will pay whatever it costs. That’s why I say Sadia whispers to someone at night! Is her day today my day?

– No, Aunty, if you say something, you will warn the boy. You remain silent. Trust me !?

– Well, you see?

– Yes, I’m just like your son!



Aunty and I have been talking for so long. Sadia has been hanging out with boys lately. It doesn’t matter to me. Because my main purpose is to eat money. I will give some wrong information! And money in return.


I gave two information to Aunty. I got some money as a gift. And he cooked and fed me biryani. With the money given by my aunt, I am walking around with my girlfriend. My girlfriend thinks that if there are two fakirs in Bangladesh, I am number one among them. I am actually a habitual fakir. But now he himself is surprised to see my richness! He is thinking in his mind that the boy would not spend a single penny! Where is he with so much money?


I am sleeping at home today. The younger sister came to give the news that Aunty was looking for me. I told him to go to the evening! The younger sister left.


I went to my aunt in the evening. I told her …

– Aunty, I’ll break that boy tomorrow!

-Really? You will never come to my daughter again!

– No.

– Take this money. Spend as much as you need. You are not a good boy!

– Auntie, let’s talk!

– I have grown up, right? Mashallah to see! You can give your daughter to me if you want!

-What do you mean?

– No, I was talking about marriage. You didn’t say there is no boy like me!

– Go do it first. I will think about that later.


The next day I beat the boy. I asked Aunty for size. The boy says he will never come again! Aunty is satisfied with me. Also gave some money!


I will go home. The younger sister’s call ..

-Brother, don’t you come home?


– I remember what you are doing today. Dad is sitting with a stick. Be careful not to come!



Where will I stay now then? I will go to my aunt’s house. I went to my aunt’s house at night after chatting in the afternoon.

– Aunty, will I stay at your house tonight?

– What do you mean?

– Yes I was fighting so my father kicked me out. Will you kick me out now too? I started crying emotionally?

– Aunty softened and said, “Well, Dad, you stay!”

I am going to Sadia’s room!

– Dad, why are you going to that room?

– Aunty! You don’t have to see! Is Sadia still in touch with the boy?

– Oh, Dad! Well, go and don’t notice?




I went to Sadia’s room. Sadia is surprised to see! – What are you doing here?

– Hey honey, I was not saying that I will convince you mother? The drama that I arranged about you is successful.

– How is it possible so quickly?

-All possible gold.

-Well, then who ate Mai?

– My friend persuaded him. Agreed to see the money.

– Where did you get so much money?

– Your mother gave it.

– You mean, like, you’ve been hanging out with me for a few days now?


-It wasn’t on the plan?

– I’m ed gold. From now on I will love your mother’s money.

-Ch Shakib Shakib.

– Hey, tell me, how many people have such a fortune. The money of the girlfriend’s mother has a relationship with her daughter. You and the money will cost less. You can eat more fuska.

-Hmm, that’s right! Well, what do you do in my room? What will happen if you see your mother?

– Your mother let you drown.

-How? And your father won’t say anything? What if you don’t go home?

– Nothing will happen. Now let me sleep. You don’t have to listen to so much.

– Put him to sleep, honey.

-You sleep too baby.

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