people are not afraid of the deadly


People are not afraid of the deadly coronavirus.  Corona is now a common cold.  Many do not even have a mask.  Corona is an epidemic – many can forget.  The lack of importance to Corona in this situation has also reduced the tendency of the Tests.

   Corona’s situation is no longer as important as before.  In addition, people have to work for a living.  Corona is an epidemic, but it is not a disease for ordinary working people – just panic.

   Meanwhile, the admission rate of patients in the capital’s Corona Dedicated Hospital has declined due to lack of importance to Corona.  As there are no patients, 5 hospitals are already closed.  However, people are skeptical about whether the situation will get worse in the winter season.

   From the capital Gulshan-Banani to the district towns and remote areas of the country, ‘New Normal Life’ shows thumbs up in Corona everywhere.  As a result, there are no patients at Corona’s dedicated hospital now.

   According to the Department of Health, as of 12 noon on Saturday, only 2,4465 patients were admitted to 11,006 general beds for corona treatment across the country.  There are 9,222 empty beds.  And there are 250 patients in 574 ICU beds.  There are 314 empty beds here.  Five coroner’s hospitals in the capital are closed due to lack of patients.

   It is learned that only 174,446 patients are admitted in the general beds of 19 coroner’s hospitals in the capital.  There are 1,081 empty beds here.  There are 314 ICUs and 158 patients.  There are 156 vacancies.  126 patients have been admitted in 9 beds of 9 corona hospitals in Chittagong.  There are 654 empty beds.  There are 16 patients in 39 ICU beds.  There are 23 empty beds.

   Other hospitals in the country have only 589 patients in 6,038 beds.  There are 6,797 empty beds.  And patients were admitted to only 6 beds out of 211 ICU beds.  There are 135 beds here.

   It was observed at the scene that the patients were not being treated in the hospital at the rate at which they were suffering from corona.  Most of the patients are receiving treatment at home.  They say it is better to be treated at home than in a hospital.  Because the experience of those who have been infected and gone to the hospital for treatment is not very pleasant.  There are issues such as mismanagement of hospitals, disrespectful treatment of doctors and nurses, harassment of brokers, unnecessary tests and extra cost of medicines.

   Also, patients with shortness of breath do not have adequate oxygen support.  Serious patients with central oxygen are prone to problems.  Some hospitals do not have professors or consultants.  These hospitals are run by junior physicians.

   Health experts say there is a risk of a second wave of corona in front.  Therefore, the capacity of the hospital has to be increased.

   Public Health Specialist and Advisor to the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR).  Mushtaq Hossain said hospitals could not provide such facilities to patients sitting at home.  Starting with food, they will not come to the hospital if there is a separate accommodation and the patient’s condition is not bad.  Even those who are in the marginal stage are not coming to the hospital.

   He said the government should bring these marginalized people to the hospital.  People do not get help when they come to the hospital.  After coming to the hospital, their expenses increased a lot due to various problems.  Unnecessary tests, various expenses including medicines.  Many brokers also fall behind the patient.  These expenses are not at home.  So when a patient is brought to the hospital, care must be taken so that they are not harassed.  And if the patient is not brought to the hospital as an isolation center, he or she will spread the disease through an out-of-community infection.  Her family members are going out in need of livelihood.  As a result, his family members continue to carry the disease out of the patient.

   According to the Department of Health, the number of general beds in the specialized Kuwait-Bangladesh friendly government hospital in the capital’s Corona is 200.  At present patients are admitted in the beds.  There are 134 vacancies.  The number of beds in the ICU is 18.  13 patients were admitted.  There are 3 vacancies here.  Kurmitola General Hospital has 265 general beds and 229 patients.  There are 48 vacancies.  The ICU has 10 beds.  10 patients were also admitted.

   Dhaka Dhaka Medical College Hospital has 3 general beds.  56060 patients have been admitted.  There are 323 vacancies here.  Patients were admitted to 16 of the 24 beds in the ICU.  There are 6 vacancies.  Mugda General Hospital has 129 patients out of a total of 320 beds.  There are 191 vacancies.  The ICU has 12 patients out of 14 beds.  There are two vacancies here.

   Rajarbagh Police Hospital has 131 patients in 25 beds.  There are 119 vacancies.  Patients were admitted in 6 out of 15 ICUs.  There are 6 vacancies.

   Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University has 204 out of 234 general beds.  There are 30 vacancies.  Patients were admitted to 13 of the 18 beds in the ICU.  There are 3 vacancies here.  Mohakhali Infectious Diseases Hospital has 10 out of 10 beds.

   Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital has 34 patients in 140 coronary beds.  108 beds are empty.  Patients were admitted to 5 of the 16 ICUs.  There are 11 vacancies.

   The private Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital has 40 beds out of 200.  160 beds empty.  The ICU has 8 patients out of 10 beds.  There are 3 vacancies here.  There are 36 patients in the 6 general beds of the government employee hospital.  30 beds empty.  Patients were admitted to 1 of the 6 beds in the ICU.  There are 2 vacancies.

   Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital has 150 corona beds.  61 beds are empty.  Asghar Ali Hospital has 29 patients out of 18 beds.  139 beds are vacant.  Of the 36 beds in the ICU, 15 have patient admissions.  There are 21 vacancies.

   Square Hospital has 49 patients in 4 general beds.  There are 25 vacancies.  Patients were admitted to 11 of the 25 ICUs.  14 beds are empty.  Ibn Sina Hospital has 2 general beds with 226 patients.  There are 9 vacancies here.  Patients were admitted to 5 of the 6 beds in the ICU.  1 is empty.

   There are 24 patients in 59 coronary beds at United Hospital.  There are 35 vacancies.  5 patients out of 22 beds in ICU.  There are 16 vacancies.  Ever Care Hospital has 19 out of 2 general beds.  There are 9 vacancies here.  The ICU has 14 patients in 20 beds.  There are 6 empty ICU beds here.

   Impulse Hospital has patients in 28 of the 344 corona beds.  There are 316 vacancies.  There are 4 ICU beds in 4 patients.  52 ICU beds are empty.

   AMZ Hospital has 52 beds.  There are 16 vacancies here.  Out of 10 patients in ICU beds, 6 were admitted.  There are 4 vacancies.  And Bangladesh Specialized Hospital has 30 general beds.  Each of the 12 ICU beds has patients.

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