What foods to eat in the heat


What foods to eat in the heat

 There are many of us who are not aware of hot food.  Mr. Momin is such a person.  Let’s see some conversation between Mr. Momin and his neighbor Bakar Bhai today-

 “Brother Bakar, I could not bear this stomach ache anymore,” said Momin, grunting in pain.

 – Why what happened again?

 – And don’t tell me, brother, what will happen this summer.  Stomach is bad all season!  You can’t eat a little peacefully!

 – Understood, your stomach can’t bear weak, heavy food!

 – Maybe!  Bakar brother said what to do!

 – You need to fix your eating habits.  There are some foods in the heat that play the stomach, the body is cold!

 – What’s up, brother?  Tell me a little!

 Mr. Bakar gave the recipe of two hot meals at the request of his colleague Mr. Momin.  What are the two recipes that can be eaten to stay healthy in the heat?  Read on

 Hot meals:

 ::: Yogurt Chira :::

 There is no pairing of yoghurt as a hot meal to get some relief from the scorching heat of this summer.  Yogurt is also a soothing food for various stomach ailments.  The difference in the recipe is that a little bit of yoghurt can give an outstanding taste and can give relief in hot weather.  But how to make this yogurt-chira?  The process or recipe is very simple.  You can make this yogurt chira as a snack at home at any time.  Find out the ingredients needed to make this Yogurt Chira.


 Sour yogurt: 2 cups (preferred)

 Red Chira: 1 cup

 Banana: 2

 Red sugar: 1 tablespoon

 Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon

 Salt: Quantitatively


 Wash the red chira well and soak it for half an hour.  Take the right amount of yoghurt in a bowl, the yoghurt can be sweet, it can be sour.  Depends on your preference.  Now take pure yoghurt, red chira, banana, red sugar, salt and lemon juice together.  Made fun yogurt chira!  Get rid of any snacks now!

 ::: Milk-semolina :::


 Barley or semolina – 100-150 grams

 Red sugar – 100 grams

 Pure cow’s milk – 500-650 grams

 Cardamom – 2/3

 Cinnamon – 2/3 piece

 Bay leaves – 1/2

 Pure ghee – 1 tablespoon

 Nuts – a few (by choice)

 Raisins – according to choice


 First, lightly fry 100-150 grams of semolina in 1 tablespoon of ghee.

 Then, in a pot, boil more than half a liter of milk with 2/3 cardamom, 2/3 pieces cinnamon and 1/2 crown leaves.  When the milk boils, add 100 grams of sugar.  Stir the milk constantly to melt the sugar quickly.  When the sugar is melted, add a little semolina and mix well.  Stir constantly during and after giving semolina so that the semolina does not freeze.  Thus cook semolina on low heat for 5/6 minutes.  Suzy should not be too hard or thin.

 Remove the semolina from the oven and bring it to room temperature first and then refrigerate.  Serve with cold semolina raisins, crushed almonds.  This semolina can be eaten either with bread or parota.

 In addition to the recipes for the two hot meals mentioned above, Bakar Bhai Momin has been asked to eat fruit juices regularly as different fruit juices on hot days alleviate our nutritional deficiencies.

 ::: A variety of fruit juices :::

 Moreover there are various seasonal fruits of summer, the juice of which is very beneficial and healthy for the body.  Notable among these are mango, orange, watermelon, apple etc.  Many people do not want to eat fruit.  But who doesn’t know that fruits are very useful for maintaining good health and losing weight.  But if you don’t want to eat fruit, you must rely on juice.  But not bought from the store, of course eat fresh home-made juice.  It has a lot of health benefits.

 But the question is where to find the necessary ingredients for all these foods?

 You can order good quality Chira, milk, semolina and various seasonal fruits from Khasfood online shop.  In sha Allah they will deliver the safest and best quality food to your doorstep.  Stay well.

Headache and sleep

 Brother Amjad has been suffering from two problems for a long time.  One: Headache.  Two: Lack of sleep at night.  Amjad Bhai works in sales, he has to run and jump in Dhaka all day long.  When I return home at night, I have a headache.  Moreover, sleep does not want to come!  After staying awake for many nights, he gets a little sleep, and wakes up in the morning and goes out to earn a living.  He has taken many medicines to avoid this problem.  Not much of a result.  On the contrary, he is now suffering from various complications due to side effects of the medicine.

 But the hope is that Amjad Bhai has found a simple solution to this problem by meeting a foreign health doctor a few days ago.  Now he does not have a headache, sleep at night is good!  I asked my brother Amjad – how did you get rid of this long-standing complication?  Amjad Bhai smiled very nicely in reply.  Then he taught me how to easily solve the problem of insomnia with two foods at hand!  The two foods are milk and honey.  Now I will present that solution to you-

 A mixture of milk and honey to relieve headaches and insomnia:

 We all know about the various benefits of honey.  At the same time, I know about the thousand benefits of regular milk consumption.  But have you ever wondered- what are the benefits of mixing milk and honey together?

 What kind of medicine do we take for headaches, but this mixture of honey and milk can easily relieve common headaches.  Moreover, for those who do not sleep well at night, it is seen that sleep does not come without sleeping pills, this mixture is also very useful.  Is that just so?  This mixture is capable of eliminating many more physical complications.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of mixing honey and milk together!

 How to make a mixture of milk and honey?

 Here’s how to eat milk and honey together to relieve headaches and get a good night’s sleep.

 Take one glass amount of milk in a container.  Heat a little ache milk.  After heating, pour the milk into a glass.  Then put two teaspoons of pure honey in a glass.  Stir well with a spoon and mix honey with milk.  Once mixed, eat hot.  After eating, turn off the lights for a while, lie down on the bed, close your eyes and rest.  You will notice that the feeling of having a headache will gradually subside, you will have a good night’s sleep and you will wake up in the morning feeling very fresh.

 However, there is no obligation to eat a mixture of milk and honey in this way.  You can mix honey with milk in many more ways if you want.  Whichever way you eat, try to eat hot.  It is best to eat this mixture just before bed after eating at night.  Then you will get the best results.

 It’s not just that this mixture of milk and honey can solve our sleep problems!  Eating these foods regularly can prevent many more physical problems.  Now let’s know about the other benefits of mixing milk and honey together

 Benefits of mixing milk and honey together:

 A mixture of milk and honey is a food that is uniquely healthy.  There are thousands of benefits to the external and internal body by mixing this honey and milk together.  The practice of mixing honey with milk has been going on for a long time as a cure for various diseases.  Honey contains antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.  Milk contains vitamins A, B and D.  Contains calcium, animal protein and lactic acid.  When milk and honey are mixed together, it becomes healthier.

 To increase the radiance of the skin:

 Both honey and milk contain various antimicrobial ingredients which are very beneficial for the skin.  A mixture of honey, milk and water is used in skin care in many reputable spas.

 As an ideal digester:

 The mixture of honey and milk is very beneficial in digestion.  If you have digestive problems or bloating, drink hot milk and honey.  It will reduce stomach pain by eliminating stomach gas.  Honey is famous as a producer of prebiotic ingredients.  Increases digestion by increasing the production of prebiotics in the body’s intestines.  On the other hand, a probiotic called Bifidobacteria is found in milk.  This probiotic helps in the production of prebiotics in the gut and increases digestion.

 To increase strength and performance:

 Milk contains thousands of proteins, and honey is usually the ideal source of sugar.  Therefore, if the mixture of honey and milk is consumed every morning, the metabolism of the body increases, so there is a lot of possibility to increase energy.

 To increase bone structure and bone strength:

 The calcium present in milk and honey helps a lot in building bones and strengthening bones.

 Cures Insomnia:

 Many people do not get a good night’s sleep.  Milk and honey have been helping to deal with that problem since ancient times.  Its mixture relaxes the body and brings sleep to the eyelids.  Drinking a mixture of honey and milk before going to bed after a night’s sleep is much better sleep, all insomnia problems are solved.

 To prevent the onset of rapid aging:

 Want to retain youth?  Then drink hot milk and honey every day.  Hot milk and honey are called “biological interest”.  Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and many Indians drank hot milk and honey regularly to retain their youth.  Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.  Just before going to bed at night, a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey will return your lost form, beauty, good health.

 Other uses of milk and honey mixture:

 It is not just a mixture of milk and honey that is beneficial as food.  Face wash, face mask, hair removal etc. can be made by mixing milk and honey.  Even great natural sleeping pills can be made by this mixture.  Next we will post a detailed article on this In sha Allah.

Fasting should be like eating habits

 Normally we eat these three meals every day morning-noon-night and throughout the year we take less or less food as per this routine.  But during the month of Ramadan, we usually only eat between evening and dawn.  During the month of Ramadan, when there is a slight change in the rules, many of us are not able to adapt to the new rules or are indifferent to what should be eaten.  The month of Ramadan not only purifies our souls, but also requires moderation in eating habits.

 Since we fast without eating anything all day, we need to be a little more careful when eating during the month of Ramadan.  Just as we can stay healthy during this month by eating food with a little understanding, we can properly respect this holy month through beautiful worship.

 It is very important to drink more water during Iftar and Seheri during Ramadan.  Since we refrain from drinking water throughout the day, it is necessary to eat enough water and drink food in Iftar and Seheri to eliminate dehydration of the body.  This makes it easier to fast in hot weather and facilitates digestion.

 Drinking various soft drinks in Iftar is quite harmful for health.  Different fruit juices can be eaten instead of soft drinks.  Lemon, mango, watermelon juice, coconut water can be put first on the list of preferences in this case.  Or you can start your iftar with a glass of milk.

 A very common thing in our country is to eat a lot of fried food in Iftar.  After fasting all day which is not good for the body at all.  The less oil and spices you can use in Iftar, the better.  Also some fun but healthy foods should be included outside of the conventional diet.  For example, Yogurt-Chira, Yogurt-Chira in Iftar keeps the stomach cool and helps in quick and easy digestion.  Chira has the ability to reduce acidity, yogurt is easily digested.  Occasionally there is a firni or milk soaked chira, with light sugar and ripe mango pieces that can add variety to iftar.

 Fibrous food should be kept in Iftar and Seheri.  Fibrous foods are slow to digest, so appetite is low.  Helps to keep blood glucose levels right in diabetic patients.  Moreover, fibrous food is very necessary to overcome the problem of constipation in Ramadan.  Such as Dhemki Chhata rice, green peas, gram, green leafy vegetables such as stalk, spinach, peeled and edible fruits like guava, apple, pear and dried fruit khorma, date etc.

 Iftar should be eaten more fruit.  As a result, various minerals exist and also contain vitamins and fiber.  Therefore, it is very important to have one fruit in Iftar and Seheri in this Ramadan.  Eliminating high fat foods in Seheri will make the body feel comfortable and comfortable.  At this time, reduce the amount of meat, fish and vegetables should be given priority.

 In this way, in the month of abstinence, I become abstinent in eating habits and perform all the acts of worship in Ramadan in a healthy and beautiful manner.  You will find the pure and healthy ingredients required for Iftar and Seheri at Khasfood Online Shop.  We are determined to deliver the best product on the market at a fair price to the buyers.

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