weight control


Weight control

 Our idea is to gain weight by eating more food.  But many are unaware that there are plenty

of weight loss foods.  Mr. Rashid is such a person.  One day he found out that there are many foods that help in weight control.  Let’s face it – we don’t know.

 Mr. Rashid has to be busy for about twenty four hours in a day due to the pressure of various work in the office.  Meanwhile, as a result of being a foodie, one has to eat some heavy food every day.  Today’s raw biryani is tomorrow’s chicken musallam.  Roasted khichuri tomorrow is kalabhuna the day after tomorrow.  Meanwhile, his body is growing by eating good and bad.  You can’t even take a little free time for work stress to run to the gym.  As a result, the belly is growing!  Mr. Monir’s colleague did not ignore the matter!

 – What’s the matter Mr. Rashid, it seems that people are becoming happier day by day!

 – Why Mr. Monir?

 – I can see that the belly is coming out day by day!  People say, bhuri is a sign of a happy person, so I said Arki!  Ha ha ha ha

 – And don’t say Mr. Monir is an irritant!  I can’t stop eating good and bad, meanwhile I can’t go to the gym because of work pressure!  I think stop eating rice, I will reduce eating!

 – Ha ha!  There is no point in saying this, Mr. Rashid.  There is no special benefit if you reduce the food as you think!  Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to lose weight.

 – What are you talking about, brother?  Is that even possible!  On the contrary, even if I play a little, it gets stuck in my body!

 – There’s a brother.  There are a lot of weight loss foods.  Apple Cider Vinegar, Remedy Juice, Green Tea, Savita – How Much More!

 – Is that so, brother?  How?

 – Then listen to what are the benefits of these and how to lose weight by eating them!

 Weight loss foods:

 ::::: Apple Cider Vinegar :::::

 Apple cider lowers cholesterol.  A 2006 study in Japan found that vinegar’s acetic acid helps destroy bad cholesterol in the blood.  Studies have shown that regular consumption of half an ounce of apple cider vinegar helps control cholesterol levels.  Apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight.  Its acetic acid suppresses the urge to eat, increasing metabolism.  One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar contains 1 mg of calcium, 0.8 mg of magnesium, 1.2 mg of phosphorus and 10.6 mg of potassium, no fat or protein.  Scientists theorize that it helps digest starch, thus reducing the amount of calories in the bloodstream.  Apple cider vinegar stores energy when it needs energy after a workout or gym, or after an extra workout, and contains potassium and a variety of enzymes that relieve weakness.  Therefore, taking a moderate amount of apple cider vinegar every day reduces body weight and cuts fat.

 – Monir’s brother, can this apple cider vinegar be eaten by people of all ages?

 – Of course.  Anyone can take these things in moderation.  No problem.  As a result, you do not have to go through a difficult process like not eating weight loss or going to the gym!

 – Well!  What other foods do you have to lose weight?

 – Yes, brother.  The second food that I will name to lose weight is green tea!

 – Green tea, hmm.  I heard the name.

 – Then listen to how to lose weight by playing green tea!

 ::::: Green Tea :::::

 The tea we drink every day is black tea.  Sometimes it is customary to drink this tea with milk-sugar mixture, sometimes with or without sugar.  However, green tea has become popular in our country.  The fresh green leaves of the tea tree are dried in the sun and baked in a pan to prepare green tea.  Its color is light yellow green.  This tea contains two anti-oxidants called polyphenols and flavonoids, which remain intact even after making the tea.

 Green tea helps to keep our body fresh and cheerful.  It also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.  If you drink green tea regularly, more sugar cannot enter the fat cells of the body.  As a result, this tea helps to control our body weight and blood cholesterol levels.  A group of researchers in China have shown that the chemicals in green tea improve people’s memory and help the brain store memories and information about the environment.  Studies have shown that people who drink 1 cup of green tea a day have a much healthier heart than those who eat 5 cups of green tea a day. They are less likely to have cardiovascular disease. They also reduce bad cholesterol from the body to keep our heart healthy  It helps a lot to save from. So if you want to save the heart and lose weight, eating green tea is a must!

 – I didn’t know so much, brother!  Wow!  Tell me where to get this green tea!

 – Available at various supershops or online shops.  However, it is important to choose a good quality green tea.

 – Well, stay tuned.  And is there any other weight loss diet?

 – Yes!  Now I will tell you how you can lose weight by playing Remedy Juice!

 ::::: Remedy Juice :::::

 Remedy juice is a type of juice that can help you lose weight effortlessly through regular consumption.  Herbal juices (garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey) are world-renowned as herbal remedies for weight loss, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol-related diseases.  Any kind of artificial color or preservative free herbal juice is what is working as an effective natural solution for heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol related diseases.

 – Wow!  This is also a very good drink!  I will lose weight even if I eat it without eating less!  What did Monir’s brother say?

 – That’s right!

 – Pretty much!

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