Thin bowel movements 3 times a day or more in 24 hours


Thin bowel movements 3 times a day or more in 24 hours.  If there is too much thin stool at one time, he usually dies.  Diarrhea is divided into two parts depending on the condition of the stool.  |  Diarrhea often begins as a symptom of a rage other than germs, and even enters the body through unclean fingers.  The definition of diarrhea is:  Frequent hard stools are not called diarrhea.  Types of diarrhea: Diarrhea like thin water b.  Bloody diarrhea (dysentery) is again divided into two parts depending on the stability?  A, acute or chronic diarrhea lasting from a few hours to a few days B, persistent or persistent diarrhea for 2 weeks or more Acute diarrhea, most of the diarrhea heals on its own in 2-5 days (Selflimiting) and there is no difficulty in diagnosing this disease.  Persistent or chronic ৎ that is, diarrhea for unknown reasons বেশ requires a lot of testing.  Causes of diarrhea: Diarrhea is not an anger, only a symptom of anger.  In other words, it can appear as a symptom of a lot of anger.  Diarrhea can occur for a variety of reasons.  However, in most cases, diarrhea is caused by intestinal inflammation as a result of the entry of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, rickettsiae, mycoplasmas, pratozoa, metazoa or parasites into the stomach.  Diarrhea can also be caused by medication or food allergies.  And the mentioned micro-organisms (bacterial diarrhea) eat unclean water, food, dirty utensils (especially milk feeding bottle and nipple), stale food.

|  The use of damp bena is now widespread in Conley Up – lack of scientific sewerage system, Kshan.  Forests, what a lack of food, personality traits.  |  In case of diarrhea or thin stools, a lot of rage from the body.  This salt and water go out.  As a result, there is deadly water in the body of the angry person.  Mercury One instead of bottle feউচ্চeding person.  (Dehydration) is created.  This condition is very serious for anger.  Circulation – etc. is one of them.  Diarrhea Disorders: In most cases, dehydration is the leading cause of death from diarrhea.  If you do not take measures to fill the water and salt deficiency quickly, the body may die due to dehydration.  According to a survey, about 250,000 children in our country die of this disease every year.  In children, virulence is more likely to be fatal than in adults.  Other Symptoms and Complications of Diarrhea: Diarrhea – The body loses essential mineral salts, electrolytes and water.  As a result, various symptoms and complications occur in the body.  For example: 1.  Thirst for water, II.  Dry tongue, 3.  Going into the eye hole, 4.  The skin is wrinkled or loose, 5.  Dhupadhupi head (in the case of children) to go down, 6.  Pulse to be fast and weak, 6, chest palpitations, 6.  Decreased urination, 9, hand-foot-cold, 10.  Kichuni, 11.  Faint,

This time around, 12 thin shocks or hot fails.  19, leukemia or mineral salt imbalance, a, hypernegramia or increased sodium, 13, a whether or not renal failure or urinary incontinence b, hypenteuromia or decreased sodium, hyperkalemia (ARF, or kidney dysfunction,  Acidosis (vomiting) is an increase in hydrogen ions.  G, hypomagnesemia or magnesium depletion. 15, paralytic iliac or intestinal dysfunction. 18, hypoglycemia or low blood glucose,  – Energy malnutrition or malnutrition, 19. Vitamin ‘A’ deficiency malnutrition, 20. Hemolytic uremic syndrome / Hus (Hus)  To be, 21, rectal prolapse or rectal exit, 22.  Reactive arthritis / reactive arthritis, 23.  Siegel enteropathy, 24.  Sedamans colitis etc. 1

Due to all these symptoms and complications, Nampar Tahksagar can be free.  Or may suffer from chronic malnutrition or complex diseases.  Dad.  First aid for diarrhea is not desirable because of the consequences of dehydration or dehydration.  The treatment of diarrhea depends.  A condition of dehydration, diarrhea without signs of dehydration, necessary medical treatment, and.  R.  T.  (ORT) or.  B, diarrhea with some signs of dehydration c.  Signs of acute dehydration and diarrhea.  R.  ORS i.  V.  I V Saline (intravenous saline).  A pinch of salt, half a liter of water, a handful of molasses.  Salt.  Photo: How to make food saline at home

Mind water phone.  So drink, sorry.  If h mana jaya judge la apu at that time.  If possible, the R / / list is approved again.  If you want to grow, start Akaria sand bath treatment as soon as you grow up.  8. (O.R.T / Oral Rehydration Therapy) 39 m |  Food.  Which did not go through or drank water from the thin toilet.  It is possible to avoid unintentional death / complications.  Excessive amounts of water.  Proven medical system, the implementation of which depends on diarrhea.  The successes and failures of our treatment in the system.  In many cases at the beginning  The girl at Al Alaji.  3, R, T, what?  In the case of feeding the national food or ORT, a very simple and scientifically started treatment with ORT does not require subsequent treatment, i.e. the treatment of rage is done in the initial stage.  Food saline is quite easy to make and cheap in price, saline banana ingredients are available in almost all homes and cost only a few bucks to make.  How to treat diarrhea without signs of dehydration or at home.  Treat diarrhea and rage.  In case of medical system and diarrhea, the treatment should be started at home without any delay.  There are 3 main principles for treating diarrhea at home.  Principle: 1 In order to prevent dehydration in the body, the patient should be given more liquid food ORT than usual.  The recommended liquid foods or ORTs that can be given to the patient are O breast milk and rice starch.

|  ) This ty.  Purgatory, | Food, Soup, Fresh Fruit Juice, 2) Fifty Gate Bird () Pocket Food Saline () Khalika.  Light water.  Etc.  Rice starch, chira chatakane water, coconut water – these liquid foods should be eaten as much as the ragi can eat.  In addition to these, the ragi should be given salt-molasses saline or packet food saline.  ) Drinks that are high in sugar (such as most soft drinks and canned fruit juices) should not be given to people with diarrhea.  Such drinks are often hypertonic.  This can lead to diarrhea and dehydration in the affected person.  What are the rules for feeding saline to the angry person?  How much less than 2 years to pay each thin toilet in a row.  10 to 20 teaspoons or 50-100 ml 2-10 year olds 20 to 40 teaspoons or 100-200 ml 10 years or more as much as the angry person wants to eat 200-300 ml 1

Be sure to wait 5-10 minutes if vomiting occurs.  Con.  Then again very slowly, after 2-3 minutes, take 1 teaspoon of food saline to eat.  Remember food.  |  If you take saline, vomiting will stop by itself.  |  0 Father’s saline is very important for diarrhea.  Scientific medicine.  It replenishes water and salt from the body and keeps the child healthy and strong.  And, diarrhea.  |  Keeps anger away from deadly complications.  Most |  ) Try making food saline after making saline.  It is.  It is not right to be too salty.  If more than tears.  In this case, the diarrhea patient recovers on his own in just 25 days by taking only food saline as well as normal food.  Remember, food saline is not a medicine to stop diarrhea.  But filling the body with water and salt deficiency will save lives.  Most thin stools heal on their own in the body’s immune system.  0 Most diabetics do not actually need any medicine other than food saline.  Unnecessary medication use can be fatal for the patient.  So do not give any other medicine to the angry / child without the doctor’s instruction.  How to make food saline: O First wash the utensils used for making saline banana and hand soap up to the elbows.  Then measure the amount of water in the tubewell or boiled and cooled water in that container.  Cut the packet of saline and pour all the powder in the water.  Stir until the powders are completely dissolved in the water.

Shock, Ganesha.  Didn’t spell O Act bar.  I mix it with milk, soup, fruit juice or soft drinks.  ANO LU How to make salt – straw sherbet: O First salt – molasses sherbet pot used for making and healthy.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap up to the elbows.  Then measure half the amount of tubewell water or boiled water in the container.  O Put a pinch of the first fold of three fingers in salt water and a handful of molasses in water.  This time mix salt, m and water in such a way that it accumulates at the bottom of a pot.  Taste the sherbet.  It is not right to be too salty, if it is more salty than tears, then discard that mixture and make saline properly again.  Remember, if you don’t have molasses, you can make that sherbet with the same amount of sugar instead of molasses.  How long can food saline be used?  0 Food saline can be used for up to 12 hours after banana.  Salt – Molasses syrup can be used once for 6 hours after banana.  After this time, it is dangerous to mix the remaining saline in the pot and make new saline if necessary.

What to feed the ragi during the girl jayaria if the sign plays a lot of time on arrival.  He died on May 0, although he had diarrhea, he was breastfed.  Have to go and pay more.  Remember, breast milk is very effective if the baby’s diarrhea does not improve within 3 days or if any of the following symptoms occur, the patient should be hospitalized / doctor / health worker.  Not in jewelry or any age class.  Need to give nutritious food.  3 If you have diarrhea, you can never stop eating and drinking normally.  With diarrhea, the nutrients leave the body.  To supplement this nutrition, the ragi needs to eat more of all the normal foods.  Babies should be fed at least 6 times a day for 3-4 consecutive hours.  O Give the child rage with non-vegetarian and other solid foods such as rice, pulses, vegetables, eggs, fish, vegetables, or a mixture of these with diarrhea rage.  When cooking, add 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil to the food, add fresh fruit juice, banana or papaya.  Cook food softly for children or crush it so that it is easily digested.  The baby is fresh.  Give cooked food.  O Even if the diarrhea has stopped, the patient should be taken to an extra meal every day for at least the first 2 weeks.।

My name is ON  • |||||  El na a tapayan |  Wash that oily.  Then if the water is less than required to make O food saline, the thin stool in that O, R, S may increase.  Ka.  Kib will do the sherbanch gi of the salt cave.  If possible, add half the amount of tubewell water or boiled water.  ) Put a pinch of the first fold in the salt water and a handful of molasses in the water.  This time mix salt, ৮ and water in such a way that the sorbet does not accumulate at the bottom of any sieve.  It is not okay to be too salty, if it is more salty than tears.  However, discard the mixture and make saline properly again.  Remember, if you don’t have molasses, you can make this sherbet with the same amount of sugar instead of molasses.  How long can food saline be used?  O food saline can be used once up to 12 hours after banana.  Salt – Molasses syrup once banana up to 6 hours.  Can be used.  After this time it is dangerous to mix ORS with milk, soup, fruit juice or soft drink to feed the ragi by discarding the remaining saline in the pot and making new saline if necessary.  If not more, the effectiveness of the medicine may be reduced.

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