The quality of medicinal plants should be eaten with a little warm water.

The quality of medicinal plants should be eaten with a little warm water.  * Lice eradication: Apply neem leaves lightly on the scalp.  Wash your head for an hour.  If applied in this way for 2/3 days, the lice will die.  * Indigestion: Stomach disease for a long time.  If you have a thin bowel movement, mix 30 drops of neem leaf juice with a quarter cup of water and take it in the morning and afternoon.  * Khaes Pachra: Boil neem leaves and gasel with water to get rid of Khaespachra. Paeka – Spider bite: Paeka spider lotus or neem root bark or leaf bite applied to the wound will relieve the pain.  * Teeth anger: Regular brushing of teeth with neem leaves and bark powder or neem rice will make the teeth stronger and will protect the teeth.  * Neem in birth control: Neem oil acts as a powerful spermicidal.  Indian scientists have shown that neem oil can be a new type of effective contraceptive for women

The qualities of medicinal plants can be a new type of effective contraceptive.  It is capable of killing sperm in 30 seconds.  Neem 6 is the best medicine to remove facial scars  Suffering from bronchitis?  No need to worry  You can get rid of it with a pack of neem leaves  Let’s find out how to make this pack  Wash four or five neem leaves well and grind them in a mixer  Make a pack by mixing one spoon of multani soil and a little gallop of water  If the pack becomes dark, mix galap water in it  Put it on your face and leave it for a while  When the pack is dry on the face, wash the face with lukewarm water

Considering this, the World Health Organization has declared it as a ‘tree of the 21st century’.  Neem is a perennial and evergreen tree.  Neem leaves, fruits, bark, neem oil, seeds.  In a word, all parts of neem can be used.  Medicinal properties: Neem tree, tree leaves, roots, neem fruit and bark are known as the raw material of medicine worldwide.  In today’s world, neem is valued for its use as an antiseptic.  Neem as a fungicide, as a bactericide, as an antiviral, as an insect repellent.

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