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 The passage below is the formal version of the above passage . How is expressions write down each informal expression . Discuss what makes the following passage informal . Well , they had us take a look at the kids every day , and we’d write down lot of things they did and said . There was this one teacher the kids really did things for . This was because she was damn good at maths and could turn the kids on to it . At the end of the week we all got together to talk about what we’d found out since we got there . We all felt that you could pick up an awful lot about how to teach just from watching what the kids did whenever the teacher told them Now find out the formal expression used in passage B for the following Informal expressions used in Passage A. In the blanks under Formal english Grammar and Composition Informal passage A 2221 to do something B this passage stylistically different from the preceding passage ? We were assigned to observe the teacher daily to record their actions and speech . What impressed us most was one teacher that the boys and girls responded to eagerly because she knew her math thoroughly and made it exciting . At the end of the week , when we met to discuss our conclusions , we agreed that anyone can learn a good deal about teaching methods from merely observing the children’s responses to the teacher’s directions . Informal expressions in Dassan mnrossions used in

All / most of you will have to write effective Curriculum Vitae, in short,. (called ‘resume’, in American English) for various purposes such as, to get a job The CV is meant to introduce you and your background to somebody who does not know you. It should present you in the best possible light, in a concise and well – structured manner. A regular CV for business purposes should definitely not go over one A4 size page. If one wants to use it for academic purposes and Here is a guideline for writing a good CV. Although there are a number of ways es writing CV, they agree on some common details. or scholarship, etc. Writing a good CV is a skill all of you will need for your The information you need to provide in your CV are: 15 CV & Cover Letter 15/1: Writing CV career. not for a job, the CV can pass that limit, and the additional space is used to describe academic activities, like conferences, publications list etc. A well written CV shows first what is most important, but contains all relevant information. To this goal, it is advised that you adapt it to suit your target specific type of job or scholarship). Pay attention to the order in which you present information in your CV.

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