The most important causes of malnutrition are marasmus.

 The most important causes of malnutrition are marasmus and cochlear implants. If a child weighs less than normal and is dehydrated, he or she is called marasmus. Symptoms of Mauritius>. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. 2, the muscles become dry and hazy. The fat under the meat also dries up. As a result, the skin becomes scaly and painful and dies like an old man. Expanded vision and large eyelids can be seen. There is mood swings and restlessness. Body temperature may drop below normal. Constipation almost occurs in anger. br. Symptoms of anemia, night blindness and other malnutrition occur. Children from 9 months to 3 years are the victims. 1 Symptoms of Koshiyarkar: 1. Water accumulates in the body due to malnutrition. Mainly water accumulates in the hands and feet. Body growth is disrupted and weight loss occurs.

The beauty of the skin is ruined and rough, the skin is very thin and does not shrink under the skin, water can accumulate and sores can appear. The smoothness, shine and beauty of the hair is lost and it comes up easily when the hair is rough and taut. Light – becomes thinner and thinner. Hair color is gray or red. The liver becomes larger than normal. The child has sports, reluctance to move, boredom, loss of appetite. The child seems miserable. Anemia, vitamin deficiency rage, diarrhea and other rage infections are more common. Measles and Koshyarkar Remedies and Prevention Measures: If a girl is in good health in adolescence and adulthood and becomes a mother between the ages of 18 and 30, she usually gives birth to a normal weight baby. About half of the children in our country weigh 2.6 kg to 3.5 kg less than normal. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Feeding the pregnant mother extra food will increase the normal growth of her unborn baby and will also increase breast milk in the future and help prevent malnutrition. From the age of 5 months to 4 to 6 months, only breast milk is the ideal food for the baby. Dense shawl milk should be fed immediately after birth. Through this, apart from milk, babies also get anti-rage ingredients till this age. There is no need for water, honey and any other food. Because these foods can cause diarrhea in the baby. Mother’s milk contains 8% water, so there is no need for separate water, even in summer. From the age of 4-6 months, the baby should be fed soft food. Khichuri 8. An excellent food. As much as one-third of the rice is pulses,Wwft WqW | | Shi. In this, children suffer from cough for up to 3 months. Sheikh’s artistic survey has shown that mothers may be malnourished. so 11. Wgwuan Sampan, he is able to acquire knowledge about children’s food and care. Her children suffer from far less illnesses than the children of the uneducated months. Although both mothers (educated or uneducated) live in the same social environment. Nutrition education and mother nutrition education will make her child less prone to illness and malnutrition. Head Food and Reform Pregnant and lactating mothers need a little extra food than usual. It is needed for the nutrition of the fetus and the right amount of breast milk for the baby after its birth. Mothers in this condition have to eat all the food like the others in the family. There is no need to impose any rules. Many people have superstitions about not eating fish, vegetables, eggs, milk, vegetables, etc. at this time. This idea is completely absurd. Balanced distribution of family food: It is often seen in the family that mothers eat what is left after feeding everyone. It is a major cause of maternal and child malnutrition. This is very good if we all sit down and eat together. Then the distribution of food is easily possible. Proper use of land and dwelling as little as possible can be done as planned. Then it is possible to provide additional food and nutrition by rearing vegetables, gardens, fish farming and raising poultry and cows and goats. 19,Fat and rage: (Phrenoderm): A w) If there is a lack of fatty acids, the skin becomes rough and dry. This condition of the body is called ‘toad skin’. Essential fatty acids. Linoleic Acids Linoleic Acids Raccinic Acids Copy and Waters Adequate amounts of various fatty foods (no problem in eating. Obesity? Coronary heart disease: High fat intake (over-saturated fat) is currently identified as one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease. (DL) Cardio Protective. In recent years, it has been proven that regular intake of excess fat in the diet increases the risk of bowel cancer and breast cancer.৭ Eat food ‘৭৭ After chewing the medicine for a long time, you will be satisfied by chewing the treatment alone today. Do not eat or drink during the day. You should try to reduce it gradually. Ahan became largely Nia mass. 2) Exercise: 0) It is better to exercise regularly or to get into the habit of walking. During the day (5 days a week) an average of 45 ‘m 5 can be used to increase the erosion of mangoes. Exercise can also be done to reduce weight loss through gigging, cycling, swimming or sports. It is better to keep the person or friend with you. 1 Household glass and daily activities can prevent fat deposits by yourself. 6, you need to leave the lazy life and stay busy. As laziness and leisure eating increases, so does fat. 0 It is better to try to lose weight regularly, patiently and firmly, while continuing to increase the cost of food energy. 3) Regular weight gain is also a condition for occasional weight gain. Verification can play an important role. Weight gain must be prevented. And adults need to have a BMI of 16.5-25.

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