The lion and the mouse

 A lion was sleeping in his den one day when a mischievous mouse for no reason at all ran across the outstretched paw and up the royal nose of the king of beasts, awakening from his nap. The mighty beast clapped his paw upon the nose thoroughly frightened little to 

and would have made an end of “Please,” squealed the mouse, “Don’t kill me. Forgive me this time, O King, and I shall never forget it. A day may come, who knows, when I may do you a good hurn to repay your kindness.” The lion smiling at his little prisoner’s fright and amused by the thought that so small a creature ever could be of assistance to the king of beasts, let him go. Not long afterward the lion, while ranging the forest for his prey, was caught in the net which the hunters had set to catch him. He let out a roar that echoed through the forest. Even the mou

English Grammar and Composition We read different kinds of material in different ways. We don’t always read everything at the same speed. With certain kinds of material we need to read slowly and carefully, for example, when we are trying to understand difficult ideas in a text like science or economics books. We also read directions and instructions slowly and carefully. We usually read stories, magazines, newspapers, where the material is usually written in an easily understandable way, at a normal speed, neither too slow nor too fast. Whereas, when we read something we have read before, or we know about, we usually read very rapidly. A good reader suits his or her speed to what he or she reads. Skimming and scanning are additional ways of helping us read more efficiently. They save time. When we want to get the overall idea or the gist of a text, we do not need to read every word in it. We can skim or look over the text quickiy, often read the first paragraph, then the first and last sentences of the other paragraphs quickly. The final paragraph often summarizes the content. This kind of reading is called skimming. On the other hand, when we want to find specific information in a text, we scan the text searching for words or phrases that would give us the information we need, This is called scanning d given afterse heard it, and recognizing the voice of his former preserver and friend, ran to the spot where he lay tangled in the net of ropes.

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