The benefits of eating yogurt in hot weathesr


 The benefits of eating yogurt in hot weathesr

People are restless in the recent heat.  Excessive heat causes dehydration and heat stroke in the human body.  So it is important to drink pure water according to the needs of the body at this time.  Along with that you have to eat food saline.  There is no substitute for food saline to replenish the salt water that is excreted from the body by sweating in the heat.

 And you can eat yogurt to keep your stomach cool in hot weather.  Yogurt stimulates Lactobacillus good bacteria.  Yogurt has many more health benefits.

 Let’s find out the health benefits of yogurt-

 1.  Yogurt keeps the stomach cool in hot weather and keeps the stomach clean.  In addition, the calcium in yogurt prevents abnormal growth of colon cells.  The intestines also secrete beneficial bacteria.  Yogurt is very useful in colitis.

 3.  Yogurt bacteria help the body to absorb calcium, vitamin B complex.  Vitamin B-12 helps in the formation of blood cells.

 4.  Yogurt contains animal protein.  Yogurt contains essential amino acids.  Yogurt protein is easily digested from milk protein.

 5.  Eating yogurt is beneficial for children and adults.  Yogurt helps in lowering cholesterol in the blood and reduces stomach gas.  Also reduces the problem of diarrhea and constipation.

 .  Yogurt is low in calories, fat and cholesterol.  So you can eat yogurt whey, raita in hot weather.

 .  You can eat yogurt regularly to keep your body healthy in this heat.  Yogurt prevents premature aging, jaundice, hepatitis.

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