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AAS The eye that reads something is an invaluable organ.  Suddenly, but if it falls in one eye, it can eat dust, sand, six pieces of something or one by mistake.  These can be found in the eye samp) part or gem in the extreme place.  90 EAS AR nat LOS AS 1995 ASA 2.  The moment you read something, your eyes close and you become one.  Water falls from the eyes and the white part turns red.  With the movement of the eyes, the rattle is back.  Does not look at the light;  Rather, the eye needle comes off in hundreds of lores.  Itching in the eyes and judgment of the patient’s eyes.  3.  8.  la S OR LCD treatment 1, the eyes should be closed by rubbing the face towards the light.  If the child has to give a hand bob.  Altabebe two eyelids periodically to see if there is anything in the pool.  If the object is not firmly attached to the eye, gently soak the object in a clean soft cloth or cotton and gently remove the object pie 9 SIA!  8.  Have to pick up.  If you can’t see anything, you have to look at the upper part of the angry eye with the ulati.  Is there anything – no.  If there is, with the help of wet cotton, the thing can be removed slowly in a bright light.  Many times even for small wounds it seems that there is something in the eye.  If something falls on the eyeball, you have to dip your eyes in it with water filled with Anjala, so that if any dirty gas or liquid falls on it, it can be removed.  If it is not possible to remove it in this way, the devotion of the eyes must be suppressed.

Some earwax – spiders, fruit seeds or pieces of material such as glass, stone, lacquer or plastic can get into the ear.  The rest, except for the spider, usually enters the ears of children.  Sen.  Care should be taken that children do not play with any fruit seeds or pieces of food.  Paeka – When a spider enters, it must be given mustard oil or coconut oil to the ear so that Paeka dies of suffocation and can be removed very carefully.  Trying to stab is harmful.  This can cause the eardrum to rupture.  Blood may come out.  Moreover, infection can also occur.  If the fruit seed enters the ear, it should be taken out immediately.  Otherwise it will swell by taking water and then take it out too.  It will be difficult.  That is why it is necessary to take the patient to the nearest hospital or to an experienced doctor without neglecting if something falls in the ear.

Such a forest LK seemed.  RAS LAU 15.  – Essential drugs.  1919 Some common and common medicines are commonly needed for the well-being of a large number of people in the society.  All these medicines are essential.  Many times John Sukey is involved when taking medication without advice.  Even until death.  Therefore, this issue has been identified as a component of primary health care in the implementation of health for all for the awareness of the general public.  It is possible to avoid different types of separation through awareness in this regard.  Every medicine works on the body to help reduce anger or symptoms.  Keep in mind, however, that not all anger needs to be treated.  Medications are used depending on the type of rage that requires medication to cure the rage.  You may need to take one or more medications at a time to cure an illness.  It should be noted that the less medicine that can be used to cure anger, the more it is beneficial for the body, depending on the type of anger.  * Injection Vial, Ampoule.  These are sometimes applied to the rectum if there is a problem with oral or oral intake of meat or veins.  Topical ointments, creams, lotions, emulsions, lotions, radiotherapy, tablets, etc. Topically used on the skin, eyes, ears, inside the mouth

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