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Sunshine is an unexpected W ton and a saw health problem. (Such bites are frequent. The person concerned does not wear a matte. Poisonous snake bites. Between snakes and snake bites (snake bites). Consequences can be fatal. People have unscientific misconceptions about snake bites. Misconceptions are prevalent among the people: Accidents like snake bites are widespread but scientific treatments have not been widely practiced in our country till date. About 60 species of snakes inhabit the country, including 12 species of sea snakes, most of which are non-venomous, among the 27 species of venomous snakes. , However, they are yellowish on top and yellowish or white on the bottom. There may or may not be a T-ring (Fig. 1). They can be seen in the plains, jungles, playgrounds, and even in the vicinity of human settlements. Within half an hour of the bite, there may be pain and swelling and it may gradually increase and often blisters may occur. Weakness of muscles in various parts of the body due to the effect of the poison on the nervous system of the patient.

Revealed, many times late symptoms may appear. 3. Fence, Alel Viper. Mainly in North Bengal. Available. According to Khan in Amanchal, they are seen taking stones. There is pain and swelling in the affected area and bleeding from different parts of the body is the goal of sale. 4. Green snakes, bamboos, peat vipers. They have different local names in different parts of the country. Their stings can be almost swollen locally and almost freeze. Long-term reactions to snake bites such as putrefaction and death. Very unlikely to happen. 5. Sea snake! All sea snakes are venomous ৱ their tails are flattened, like squirrels, stinging. This can lead to toxicity to the muscles, nervous system and kidneys. Symptoms of a venomous snake bite: skin discoloration, darkening, pain, rapid swelling, blistering, decay, (no local effects at all.) Bleeding from the bite does not stop.

Come on in, take a look. Shi). What the heck. . The great field of wheat is ripe (water comes to fruition. Bend down or cut other parts of the body with a weapon in the bed or stream. Have difficulty talking, have difficulty speaking. With this weapon, it is necessary to take the angry person to the hospital very quickly. All the angry people should be taken to the experienced doctor by the experienced doctor as soon as possible considering the urgency of the treatment and fasting. To alleviate the early symptoms of rock poisoning on the way to medical treatment. Successful, harmful first aid treatment.Pangshita songs | Guy, stone, not fruit, lazy. To reduce vomiting,,, gollal. Loans for medical rage. Pa pa • dilale sakh a ant Bleeding can occur, tinnitus, muscle damage can be fatal connections like reading. This shade. Stool. Git is a nationally meaningless loan, only extremely time consuming, resulting in delays in providing proper treatment. কাট Do not cut the bitten area at all. Only with wet clothes or. Wipe the wound once. So let’s remove some of the poison. . With acids or alkalis. Pu given. . +. Maybe not. Medications that should not be used. Antihistamines and histamine, Evil, Fenergan. Steroids ঃ Oradexon, Decason, Hydrocortisone. Sedative national medicine ঃ Seville, Relaxen. Aspirin and other painkillers 1 Disprin, Clofenac, Silekbi, Rafexib. Conventional Banaji or Hemiopathic medicine. Some general rules about primary care: স্ত Reassure the angry ঃ Many people who have been bitten by snakes behave inconsistently out of fear, especially for fear of death. For example: cutting off a bitten finger, biting, pretending to be crazy, etc. Anger must be understood that the scientific treatment of suffocation has successful treatment. Severe poisoning takes time until you are in the hospital. Can be reached. Even after being bitten by many poisonous snakes, poisoning occurs, so please do not be afraid and stay calm. 1 can.Just give a git. For example, if you are bitten on the leg, if you are bitten on the elbow, you have to take the git in such a way that it is resisted. If something happens to the hand, use it by hitting the bitten hand – squeeze the wood (or bass stick) so that it does not go away and can cause poisoning. Do not allow it or use the decimal organs. If not, carry the rage on a stretcher, cot, swing or even someone’s back. • If possible, bring dead snakes, species and venom to determine if they are poisonous. Be careful to see if the snake is dead. This is because snakes can pretend to be dead, even with a separate stain. Do not catch snakes with empty hands, jump into the grass to catch snakes – bend in the bushes unnecessarily • Disadvantages of using antiseptic treatment gits, bandages, etc. Only after being bitten by crabs, crates and sea snakes can antidote treatment be given. These obstructive chikib. It takes time for the toxins to enter and spread quickly in the body and the khas khas. It takes time for a life-threatening reaction to begin to fail. The girl can reach the angry hospital. The previously mentioned dry and crepe bandages are good for this. Cuffs should not be given to these hands and a git should be given loudly according to the aforesaid rules so that the marriage is not interrupted in the body. Such gits can be opened every 30 minutes for 30 seconds or 1 hour in 1 hour and can be enjoyed again for the same period of time. The following side effects – more than 2 hours for fear of side effects| Now. Anaphylax. According to him, Mara insisted on filling the hospital with the initial symptoms of the reaction. For these symptoms of nausea and vomiting, ragi can be given oral medication such as azashem (5 mm), lotus mango) orally or as an injection monthly. ্যার Paracetamol can be given to explain the mucous membranes. That is not the reason for taking aspirin. * In case of vomiting, saline and chlormazine can be given. সব Patients who are already suffering from nerve poisoning should not be allowed to eat anything while being taken to the hospital. If the first signs of poisoning appear on the head and fingernails, cut the faucet and eat the airway tube so that the tongue falls backwards. Ragi: Valovagal Syncopx is to lose the head| Branch shell. Ash rule. . It is not always possible to pour a lot of leagues. Rest the affected limb (caste or foot). If you are bitten on the leg, it is called p y. Don’t cut. Arrange in this way by printing (splint) with land. See if there are any signs of poisoning. If so, immediately to the nearest hospital or. Seek medical advice. He took a hard git with only a wide object on the bitten place. Open the git for half a minute every half hour. Remove the sting and cover with a bandage. Get help from someone to get you to the hospital quickly. If someone has killed a snake, take it to the hospital for identification. Be careful not to catch the snake with empty hands as the snake may pretend to be mubar. Don’t waste time killing or catching snakes • don’t cut the sting, don’t pierce the needle, or apply any coating. চিকিৎসা Do not waste time treating “Ojha” or biting – If you have difficulty in talking to Ragi on the way to the hospital, do not let Ragi eat anything if you have a runny nose or saliva dripping from your mouth. কি What will you do if you see a snake? No. 2, let the snake go at its own pace.NOM OM WOOD. • b gan time “f” alekh yasye ata seva before snake • night it is time light – stick with special caution start posh comes. • In Bangladesh, you can talk about the natural habitat of snakes and lizards. Take special care of the grain at night, the orchard or the measured guard at that time or the branches on the platform. The scientific treatment for venomous snake bites is to use antivenom regularly. There are rules for using antivenom. To use antivenom made to think in Bangladesh. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, it is necessary to take measures to make antivenom with poison in our country. In addition to such awareness, health workers also need to be trained by doctors on snake bite and snake bite treatment and its treatment.

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