Poisoning is sometimes seen as an interesting accident caused by poisoning


Poisoning is sometimes seen as an interesting accident caused by poisoning.  In all these cases, without immediate medical attention, the life of the patient can be in danger and even death.  In this situation, it is very important to start immediate action without getting scared because time is very important here.  There are 3 types of poisoning in the society. A) Poisoning for voluntary suicide or intimidation.  B) Drink poison by mistake and c) If someone else drinks poison for malicious purposes.  The symptoms of poisoning depend on the type of poison.  The most common of these toxins are: drinking significant amounts of pesticides, taking large amounts of sleeping pills, drinking kerosene, mixing dhutra seeds with food, inadvertently ingesting many medicines, drinking excessive amounts of toxic alcohol, etc.  It is possible to guess about the type of poison as soon as you get angry.  Generally, after drinking poison, it is necessary to take the following measures without delay and send to the hospital 4 1.  If the angry person cannot breathe, he will have to give artificial respiration.  2.  It is better to give a glass of water or milk to the conscious ragi first because it dilutes the poison and reduces the harmful effects of the poison.  In the case of children, the amount of this drink is half a glass.  The ignorant rage cannot be given liquid in the mouth, he has to sleep in a convenient place.  3.  He has to decide whether he should vomit because he will not vomit after all the poisoning.  If there is tingling in the body of the angry person, it is not possible to make the angry person vomit without company.  Some poisons that enter

1029 Anyone who causes inflammation or inflammation of the mouth, oral cavity and esophagus, or an infection that enters the lungs during anticoagulants and primary rickshaws should not induce vomiting.  This is because vomiting increases the amount of wounds by re-damaging the substances mentioned.  (A) Toxins that cause bruises and wounds: Acids or acids.  Alkali or alkali.  Used at home.  Gasalkhana toilet drain cleaning special.  3 31s * (b) Inflammatory toxins: Kerosene.  Turpentine oil.  Thinner products of color and color.  (It is very easy to guess what kind of poison the ragi has taken by examining the ragi’s face, mouth and breathing.) Burning poison can cause sores or blisters on the ragi’s face and mouth.  Gasoline poisoning can be found in the smell of the product with the respiratory tract of the rage.  If you have taken poison within 4 hours and if you have knowledge, you can vomit in the following way.  Inserting a finger inside the mouth and moving it to the throat can cause vomiting, but not easy.  It is better to do it on your own.  The white part of the egg with bad taste and yolk with a little hot milk or drinking a little hot laena water makes many people vomit easily.  Vomiting may also occur through the mouth (e.g. syrup – Epiphak).  When vomiting, special care should be taken so that no vomited objects or drinks enter the lungs.  Therefore, it is time to vomit

The angry head should be tilted downwards and towards the face.  There is a special need to remove ali poison to any angry person who is in a state of shock.  In that case, it should be removed with the help of diles tube.  In addition, if you use a medicine to remove water from the body, such as fusemai, the blood will come out with the return of mixed toxins.  However, in this case, the patient has to either drink more water / or saline or apply saline on the body.  4.  Use of Antidote: – There are drugs to neutralize some toxins.  It is possible to improve the condition of rage by using antiseptic medicine to find out if the rage is poisonous.  For example, Poison Acid or Non-Poisoning Alkali, Alkaline Poisoning, Excessive Alcohol or Stool, Dhutura Poisoning Phosphorus Poisoning.  Antidote Alkaline or alkaline (antacid) Lemon juice, vinegar, tamarind water Lemon juice or black coffee hot water, color tea, color coffee injection – atrophin and pralidexim but in many cases it is not possible to know what kind of poison.  In many cases it becomes difficult.  In developed countries, there are several or more antidotes available in drugstores, known as ‘universal antidotes’.  Here are some examples of poisoning – playing engine or various pesticides.  If you drink such substance, its value can be found.  Within an hour of drinking headache, sweating, excess saliva, abdominal pain,

Such an angry person should be sent to the hospital immediately.  Stomachwash or vomiting of this rage cannot be done.  Breathing in combined air should be arranged.  If 250 ml of liquid paraffin is given, the administration of kerosene in the blood will be interrupted.  In order to give penicillin national medicine.  There may not be pneumonia or any other infection.  In case of acid or alkali poisoning.  You can’t try to make you angry.  Foods that cause mucous membranes such as milk and egg whites can be fed.  If acid or alkali falls on the eyes, mouth or any part of the body, it is necessary to wash it with plenty of water.  Ragi should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.  Sleep Medication Poisoning: Very rarely dies because lethal dose 650 mg usually causes hypertension and respiratory depression.  Try to vomit.  If vomiting is not done properly, it should be sent to the nearest hospital for stomach wash.

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