once there lived an old king

He hate March 12 in he was happy at the some time he had must krrish 3 2 2 square knowledge and information he wanted to acquire knowledge on defended subjects to that he could apply them in his personal life he is kept his sleep minister to invite the squares of his country when will the scholars come to this crowd he told them the purified him books on all source of knowledge The scholars were happy only one to collect then years later The scholars come back with bus has a box hi in the kam se all this books he was or were violated it to them to get the books written and leaders of the numbers in structure having mass responsibility of kinship he did not give half to hip of acquiring knowledge you want the squares again with some 5000 books quite a few years ahead going by and the queen had become older than feeling ill he did not have much time to read all the books then two thing was he made the scholars in then get time for their king of arts

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