Never make the mistake of having breakfast in the morning

Never make the mistake of having breakfast in the morning.  There is no substitute for breakfast to gain energy to stay active all day.  You can have toast, fruits, vegetables, cheese or milk as breakfast.

 2. Make it a habit to eat vegetables and fruits without jumping on rice and vegetables in your daily diet.  These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and respiratory tract.  Two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables should be eaten daily.

 3. It is important to take a certain amount of protein for good health.  So eat protein-rich foods to meet your needs, such as meat, fat-free milk, fruits, etc.

 4. When you do physical work, your body weight stays right, high blood pressure decreases.  Children and adolescents should exercise for one hour a day and adults for two and a half hours a day.

 5. It is necessary to take healthy food out of food every day.  Eat apples, nuts, butter foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates.

 6. Be aware of the quality of food.  Eat low-fat foods, avoiding high-fat foods.  Eat more calorie rich foods.

 6. If you want to know any other information for weight loss or physical fitness, consult an expert.

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 6. Be careful in taking food.  Be aware of cooking food properly, keeping hands clean, etc.  It is very useful to be aware of these issues to protect yourself from food poisoning.

 9. Be more interested in home cooked food than eating fast food outside the home.

 10. Pay attention to nutritious food while eating in restaurants.  Order vegetables, chicken, fish, fruits.

 11. Give the children nutritious food as a school tiffin.  There is no substitute for eating nutritious and clean food for children to grow up and enjoy good health.

 12. All the members of the family sit down to eat together.  Studies have shown that when family members play together, the nutritional value of the food is ensured and the mood is better.  Be sure to turn off the TV and telephone while eating.

 13. Water is a very important element for controlling body temperature, oxygen flow to the muscles.  Men should drink 13 cups and women 9 cups of water every day.

 18. Drink tea without a few cups of milk throughout the day.  Tea will provide anti-oxidants in the body.  The body will be fresh and free from fatigue.

 15. Sit up straight at work, at school, at college.  Otherwise, there may be pain in the waist, back or neck.  Instead of sitting still, take a short walk around.

 Health is the root of all happiness.  Would you be happy if that health was not good?  If your body is not good then nothing can be good.  So we have to follow many rules to keep the body healthy at all times.  Which is very necessary to maintain health.

 Here are some simple tips to keep you healthy.

 Never eat more than once when you sit down to eat.  Eat little, but every once in a while.  Drink 8 glasses of water every day.

 Always eat homemade food in the office.  Take a tea break in between work.  Because if you go to work continuously, even if it is a little bit, the body gets stressed.

 Refrain from using elevators in place.  Try to climb the stairs.

 Always reduce the use of salt in food when cooking.

 Go to bed at a set time every day and wake up early in the morning.

 Keep yourself away from solid fat foods, such as fast food, ghee, butter, cheese, etc.

 Put vegetables and fish on the menu every day.  And do not forget to eat fruit.

 Exercise regularly.  If it is not possible outside, exercise on your own at home for 15 to 20 minutes.  Then your weight will be under control.  We should always be a little more active in health awareness.  Because health is not the key to all happiness, so keep an eye on health.  From now on, follow all the rules that are beneficial for maintaining health.

 15 essential health tips

 1) To increase the radiance of your skin, chew 15 grams of anise regularly every day.  It can be seen that in a very short time the blood is purified and your skin is starting to become brighter.

 2) If you want to keep the beauty of your hands and feet intact, rub apple peel on your hands and feet regularly.  This will make the hands and feet look much whiter than before and the black spots will be removed very easily.

 3) Eat tea regularly to prevent your stroke.  Studies have shown that regular consumption of tea prevents fat from building up in our arteries.  As a result, the risk of stroke is greatly reduced.

 4) To get rid of excessive dryness in your body, apply honey, milk and besan paste on the face regularly.  This will remove the wrinkles on your skin.

 5) If you get black spots on your lips, wipe your lips by soaking cotton in raw milk.  If you do this regularly, the black spots on the lips will go away a lot.

 6) Tomato juice and milk mixed together for some time if applied to the face will reduce the feeling of sunburn.

 6) Honey, which is known to all of us, has many qualities.  Honey is especially effective in various physical problems including numbness, sore throat, anemia, osteoporosis, stress, migraine in our body.

 6) If you want to remove the black mark on your elbows, from now on, rub the lemon peel well with a tin.  Do it regularly for a few days at least 2 weeks.  This will leave stains on your elbows and the elbows will be soft.

 9) The face carries our identity.  If this beautiful face is full of bruises then your beauty is ruined.  In this case, you can regularly rub garlic clove on the acne.  Acne can quickly go away from your face.

 10) To get rid of ligamentation or black spots on your body forever, mix the juice of potato, lemon and cucumber together and mix half a teaspoon of glycerin in it and apply it on the skin of the part of the body where the spots have appeared.  Get very good results.

 11) If the headache problem is strong, then eat a lot of fish regularly to overcome this problem.  Because fish oil plays a very effective role in preventing headaches.  Moreover, you can eat more ginger.  Because ginger is especially effective in curing inflammation and pain.

 12) To stop your hair fall, you can apply amla and shikakai oil on your head regularly.  And if the ankle is very cracked, apply onion paste on the cracked place.  The ankle fracture will stop for a while.

 13) Usually oily skin with sweat and black face.  In this case you can do one thing by mixing oatmeal and lemon juice together and apply it on the face for half an hour or a little more.  Then wash your face with cold water.  For those whose hands are very sweaty, to get rid of this problem, put the peel of the pumpkin on the hand for a while.  Then you will see and your hands will not sweat.

 14) To remove many old black stains on your back, mix flour and milk together and rub on the back for ten minutes, you can do it regularly for 2 weeks.  Regtoular use of this mixture removes back stains.

 15) If you have brown spots on your face, then to remove brown spots, apply ripe papaya on your face, leave some samu, then wash your face.

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