Lai Nandin is a girl in life. Includes head to head pool. Be hot and


Lai Nandin is a girl in life.  Includes head to head pool.  Be hot and be.  This is because of the fact that there are a number of factors that can affect the quality of life, such as burnout and burnout.  This is due to the lack of knowledge in our society, the indifference of the elderly to the dangers and the lack of strength and ability of the elderly to avoid the dangers.  The house is usually the place of the accident.  Cooking ovens, hot water, engines, heating appliances are the main materials of the accident.  39ST 999 DE 1 + 952 957 2191 In the yard.  Different types of burns that are common.  Steam in hot steam or boiling liquid.  Strains in electric currents – dry heated objects (eGry).  Acute chemicals – acids.  Radiation burns – are caused by prolonged exposure to excess sunlight or radiation from radiation devices.  Burns (burns) 4 Burns are heat scars that occur on the body covering due to the flames of fire.  Scalds are also caused by wet heat sores or liquids near the boiling temperature of the body or by heat in the gaseous state.  The surface of the skin glows.  * Depending on the thickness, the class division and the partial thickness: a) 1 bern (epidermis only) – — It turns a nice red color.  B) 2 Burn (a lot of epidermis and dermis) — It causes blisters on the skin.  1) Superficial 2 ° Burn 2) Deep 2 ° Bren BE Bangla

DST • (all layers of skin) This is the consequence of all skin folds.  A) Local response.  Inflammation of the body due to leakage of amish and juice and loss of salt.  Thrombosis.  B) Increased permeability of the body’s normal response and blood vessel walls.  Decreased cardiac output.  Which results in decreased urination and respiratory failure sepsis • kidney failure.  • Medical Management The patient should be removed from the source / fire of his / her neighborhood.  The clothes in the neighborhood must be removed.  You have to make sure that the rage is getting enough air.  In case of small surface (small) parasites, the parasol should be immersed in cold water for a while.  (Cold water prevents the wound from growing and deepening by removing the limb from contact with air)

The parts of the body that are not able to absorb water get ice cooled for the rest of the body or cover with ice cloth for a while.  The pelvis should not be cut in any way and the blisters should not rupture because the blisters act as a germic barrier layer.  In case of low dose, the ointment can be lightly applied on the affected area (1% silver sulfadiazine).  And if the wound is big, after lifting it from the water, apply ointment and bandage it with a clean pad or cloth so that the part of the foot does not come in contact with air.  If there are blisters, they should be carefully bandaged so that the blisters do not melt.  8 Play Method  Wounds are kept open in case of light burns, burns on the head and face.  Closed mathar is done in case of 4 deep paras and infected light paras.  Sterile yards with 1% silver sulfa diazine.  Absorbent cotton.  Outer layer —– Sterile bandage with gauze.  It is better to give a lot of liquid food to the angry person so that he goes into shock.  And if there are signs of going to shock, according to the condition of normal saline or heartman saline, IV should be applied and sent to the hospital immediately.  Superstitions and wrong decisions?  Many people use eggs, old ghee, butter and special Kabiraji oil in their wounds.  Their use can be extremely harmful and in many cases can lead to awkward wound drying or deformity or even disability in the future with the risk of death.

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