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Kidney disease, nephritis, kidney becomes usel

ess  Alcohol is always needed in other parts of the body.  The kidney is one of the most important organs in the body and it is one of the ways to get rid of waste products from the body.  The body is constantly taking food, drinks and other accessories and various |  In the ureter or urinary bladder through the ureter.  Come and submit.  Radar has a specific capacity and it also has nervous and pruritic control.  Time – urination and urination.  From the capacity of the stock – to finally choose the place of a lake urine – before having any idea about kidney rage.  Java (Kidney Failure) is completed smoothly from the time of conception to the time of death.  Kidneys need to get rid of various toxins stored in the body during metabolism.  Moreover, the kidneys also act as an important endocrine gland in the body.  One of its functions is to preserve water, electrolytes / minerals and metabolism which are essential for the body.  And the waste products that come out of the kidneys, we know as urine.  In fact, urination is when the blood flows through the kidneys, (1) some beverages are filtered, (2) some of the things needed by the body are excreted from it, and (3) some substances are excreted from a particular part of the kidneys.  And to perform these functions, our body (there are two kidneys on either side of the midline in the upper part of the abdomen at the back of the body) has about one million nephrons in each of the two kidneys.  In other words, we can call it a special kind of filter.  Urine is made by filtering or filtering the blood through these filters after the other two processes mentioned above have taken place.  In this way, the normalcy of the body is maintained by removing the waste products of the body and storing the necessary substances for the body.  Urine is produced from the kidneys and when the renal pelvis and the specific capacity is exceeded then the speed of urination is created.  The girl on the radar also urinates

In our country, the life of Ginny Raag.  |  May 6.  Losh gave.  She l, |  I  As a team, when Dhaka Mescal came, I noticed that Messi’s forest value is un disease.  If this disease occurs after consuming 33 juices of ©, it is one of the main causes and causes of death.  From 1983 to 1983, the Kidney Unit of PG Hospital admitted that 47% of the patients were suffering from chronic renal failure.  From these statistics, it can be deduced that about 5 million people in this country have kidney disease.  Of these, at least 15,000 are suffering from kidney failure each year and dying as a result.  In addition, the incidence of acute kidney failure in children between the ages of 2-10 years is very high.  * Common Symptoms or Symptoms of Kidney Rage There are many types of kidney rage and its symptoms vary naturally.  The main kidney ragagulara symptoms and 1.  Swelling of the face, legs, arms or body;  2, decreased amount of urine;  3, blood or protein in the urine;  4.  Irritation in the urine – paralysis;  5.  Frequent urination;  .  Lower abdominal or waist pain;  .  Shivering fever;.

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