Health Education Health education is the name given to educating the public about health

Health Education Health education is the name given to educating the public about health improvement, prevention of anger, nutrition and good personal health habits. This health education starts from the mother’s lap, so first the mother needs to know her own beautiful health habits and tell others at home such as how to bathe the baby, what to eat when. The benefits of breast milk are that it is safer and more delicious than artificial milk. Even in their own homes, children can learn many ways to protect their own health, such as washing their hands with soap and water after going to the toilet. Hands and face should be washed before eating. Brush your teeth after dinner. Regular run meal etc. should be done. Fingernails should be trimmed etc. Then when the child goes to school, they will learn a lot about health care. Then there is the urgent need for health education in the workplace when entering the workplace. Mill – There are many things to learn for your safety while working as a factory worker. Similarly in office courts, there is ample need for health education in any workplace in agriculture. Only by educating the people can many diseases be eradicated from the society so health education should be applied in all spheres of life. Health Education (Content of IHealth Education): (1) Human Biology, (2) Nutrition, (3) Hygiene, (4) Family Health, (5) Prevention and Control of Anger, (6) Mental Health, (6) accident prevention and (6) access to health care. for (Principles of Health Education) (1) Credibility (2) Interest (3) Participation (8) (Motivation) (e) Fastness (Comprehension) (6) Terriers (Reinforcement) (9) (ft i Learning by doing) () – COTT (Known to unknown) (1) Example creation 1etting an example) (10) Good human relations (>>) fapes (Feedback) (3) Tera leaders ) 5

| Mahal m. But the proof in hand is the body. And deer. That’s it. It is necessary to say that the last two faces are beautiful, but it is necessary to take regular care of the teeth for a healthy ni suhya lat. Are your teeth healthy? Do you have regular dental hygiene, if any? Good. And if you haven’t, start caring for your name and teeth today without delay. Because if you take care of your teeth, your teeth will be yours. Will take Remember one thing- Amiri regularly eats something with her teeth. Leaves. It does not reduce inflammation much. Not hers. After mazar, press with the material and the upper and dance gums are not 2/3. If you regularly practice gum fun, your mother will book from it. Teeth and gum care Teeth need to be cleaned, meaning that food particles stick to the gums alone between two teeth during eating. So clean your teeth immediately after eating. The need for brushing means brushing or brushing teeth every time we eat. However, if it is not possible for someone to brush their teeth after eating every day, then they must brush their teeth after eating at night. The correct method of brushing teeth. To brush your teeth, move the brass up and down, grab the brass for the upper gums and pull it down from the gums. Pull the brass up from the gum for the lower gum. In this way move the brass 15-20 times on both the inside and outside of the teeth. Only then will the task of brushing your teeth be completed. Many brush their teeth vertically from left to right. Don’t stay. It does not clean the teeth. It does not take a brace between the two teeth. And the food particles stick between the two teeth. This does not clean your teeth on the dental table. So brush your teeth by running the brass according to the above rules. The necessity and rules of brushing gums after brushing teeth will not be worshiped. There will be no bad breath. Blood clots in the gums when the gums are rubbed

Shao cleaning materials. () Toothpaste SLP3 cannabis is the most scientifically agreed. o Use the soil, skull, limbs, roses, etc. without the benefit of the past and gums. These have to be changed every few days and this has to be crushed for the sake of the bar. ) Currently some lycheematic mouthwash gargles are available in the market. For example: twice a day with Oralon, Abacare, Bayani etc. (it is better to cool down before going to bed at night and after breakfast in the morning). Gone. Here it is! Facial guests and non-guests. If you are a dentist, do you have a dent in your tooth? You need to keep in mind that you need to fill your teeth before you feel any pain in the first stage of cavities. If you get sick, you have to take a lot of seven. So take Antu Chak every month and do the last test. Do what the dentist advises you to do. Take it. It should be done in case of accumulation of dirt or stones. Do not accumulate dirt in winter. Clean the leaves with the help of a dry story. It is said to be 1% aling. It is a very helpful stone for gingivitis once in nonfiction. Premature song goes in favor. So keep an eye on the sin that is with you.

5 Primary health care and first aid A dj> What to do if the teeth are crooked or high or low: Curved and high and low leaves are easily irritated. It is detrimental to your personality and beauty. This aka baka tooth can be easily solved by taking the advice of Santu doctor at the right time. And when you grow up, consult an orthodontist. What to do if you have a broken tooth in your mouth: This broken tooth can inflate your gums and jaw at any time and give you unbearable pain and suffering. It can even make you crunchy. So remove the broken teeth in the mouth. What to do if any part of the tooth is sharp: This sharp tooth can cause sores on your tongue or cheeks. This lesion can turn into cancer. So brush the sharp part of the tooth very quickly. Tell your dentist if you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease, and if you need any toothpaste right now. Otherwise, after brushing your teeth, your life may be in danger. For some reason you have removed one or more teeth from your mouth. Or what to do if you don’t have a single leaf on your face ঃ you must be having trouble eating it. As a result, your jaw is broken. There is weakness in the face. You can easily get rid of these problems by installing artificial teeth. One thing to keep in mind is that no artificial thing has the same utility as a natural thing. We can only continue working with artificial things. So we need to pay attention so that the teeth do not have to be artificial. He who has not lost his teeth may not fully realize the importance of this word. But those who have lost 1 or 2 teeth should take care of themselves so that they do not have to pick their teeth and consult a specialist regularly every 6 months. Teeth are an invaluable resource. Understand the dignity of teeth to have teeth. You take care of the teeth – the teeth will take care of you.

Tooth decay or carriage vt Lake ki tar shag, khama diya and make holes. This method is also from Paji. Both wifta shawls and permanent teeth are wifta shawls. Win. Khal Punjab lakhs lakhs of feet, papa decreases and 95 lakhs do not pay or not || Shash. Eats less. Kazi Hall suffers from pain in winter, eats aphids, loses food and then loses consciousness. Reasons> Some lactose or sugars calculate acid from the national diet. Softening the hard cells in that AC and making holes in the fat gives the quality of carriage. C || Pussy || Long te. The lower the quantity the more the cabbage is. Lenny. Peka catches playing sweets. That’s not right. However, not getting sweet national food in the glue If you do not run, there are more other caries not to clean. 8. # The name of the amount of chloride in drinking water to make a map. , Then leaves. More than ripe la carich. There are fears. If there is no moderate amount of Qah (0) in the diet, the caries is high. 5. & Lack of Vitamin-D can also lead to caries. Treatment and prevention 1, if you clean the leaves five times a day, usually this anger does not occur. You must brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night. It is best to brush your teeth before each meal. You need to stop eating sweet la chocolate with glue again and again. After eating, all the sweets can be given and the teeth should be cleaned thoroughly as soon as the meal is over, so that the food particles do not accumulate in the cavities of the teeth. First Kanye. Na Paeka Sen needs to be treated immediately. When it is ripe, it is gone. And food accumulates and rots in that hole. 2 The result is bad breath. And the carriage continues to grow. There is infection and there is mass. A dentist should be consulted for this. A pregnant mother should have a balanced diet with moderate amounts of vitamins and calcium so that the teeth are formed properly. When brushing your teeth, you need to pay attention to the food and take care of the leaves.

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