First Aid Introduction First aid or fast means

 First Aid Introduction First aid or fast means to make immediate (on-the-spot) identification and make appropriate arrangements after the accident. This does not in any case mean military therapy, that is, after a sudden illness or duplication, the patient is sent to a safe medical center / hospital (IRele | Teil) for first aid and nursing, which is a wayfarer’s treatment. And those who have resorted to first aid Light them. Aider or Primary Tealth Worker. Fast Eider will learn the lessons of any first aid system known as a full-fledged physician and by which he can benefit the country and beyond. Objective of first aid: O To make every effort to save life. To make arrangements so that the injuries do not increase. Take immediate action. 0 Arrangements for safe delivery to the doctor at the hospital. Injured people should not suffer from negligence or without treatment or malpractice. Qualities of a primary health worker: Ability to lead team members. O- Ability to work by preventing or controlling the crowd. O Must have the right attitude and lots of confidence. 2 Stay calm – never warm your head. 0 will be able to work skillfully without being upset even after seeing a big accident. O Must be skilled. The concerned friend or relative of the angry or injured person should be seen with sympathy. You must have ears or training in safe pain while rescuing the injured. Meanwhile, it is the responsibility of the permanent worker to remove the injured person from the accident site.

) The patient should be able to breathe normally – if there is anything hard on the chest (stones, walls, sacks) should be removed and if there is bleeding in the nose, vomiting, broken leaves should be removed immediately. ) Abnormal breathing should be maintained and artificial respiration should be continued if necessary. Under no circumstances should it be more than 2-3 minutes late. ) Should try to stop the bleeding of the vagina. The gauze / bandage / clean cloth should be wrapped around the bleeding area and pressed and the bleeding area or limb should be kept high. O) If symptoms of shock appear, immediate treatment should be started. ) To see if it feels extra cold or hot. O If a bone is broken, its movement should be rested as little as possible (with the help of splint). ) They should be washed with clean water and soap and covered with sterile cloth / bandage as much as possible, keeping an eye on other wounds or injuries. ) If you have the knowledge of anger, anger must be feared. Even if there is no sign of anger in life, anger should not be pronounced dead immediately. 3 At the same time, if many people are injured, the situation of alarming anger should be done on priority basis. However, care must be taken so that the condition of other rages does not deteriorate. O The patient’s name, age (approximate), father’s name, address, telephone number, date of accident, time, place, vehicle number, rage information and first aid should be recorded and given to the helper at the time of transfer to the hospital. . ) Inform Ragi’s relatives if possible. () A proper list of money, documents, other necessities should be made and given to the person in charge. What do first aid providers do? ) Don’t talk about these four annoying rages by asking unnecessary questions or making unnecessary gestures. | Don’t announce.

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