dehati toilet clear


1.  The toilet is tanned. 

2. The toilet is not clear. It seems that the toilet is inside

 3. Diarrhea

 4. Less toilet

 5. Toilet more than once a day

 6. Sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea

 6. The toilet is soft but does not come out

 6. Toilet tanning but does not come out

 9. Abdominal bloating

 10. Occasionally squeezing inside the stomach

 11. Flatulence

 12. Pain in lower abdomen

 13. Going to the toilet like mucus or mango

 14. To have different types of toilets from time to time

 15. Feeling sick and nauseous

 16. Anxiety and lack of sleep

 16. Indigestion of food is weak

 IBS is a very complex disease caused by two types of constipation and thin stools. The main cause of IBS is human + sleep + gastric many treatments but did not recover. Results  I will force you to try our natural medicine. InshaAllah, you will get well and you will be able to eat all kinds of food from the first day of taking the medicine. There are no harmful ingredients made in a very natural way and those who are healthy can also eat it.  You will not be able to take other necessary medicines.

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