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 reader can easily see whose CV s / he is reading . 15/1 : Writing or career ( called ‘ resume ‘ , in American English ) for various purposes who Alunost of you will have to write effective Curriculum VOX scholarship , etc. Writing a good CV is a skill all of you will need you not know you . It should present you in the best possible light in a conced well – structured manner . A regular CV for business purposes should be The CV is meant to introduce you and your background to somebody who not go over one A4 size page . If one wants to use it for academic purposes not for a job , the CV can pass that limit , and the additional space is used to describe academic activities , like conferences , publications list etc. A well written CV shows first what is most important , but contains all relevant nformation . To this goal , it is advised that you adapt it to suit your target specific type of job or scholarship ) . Pay attention to the order in which you written with smaller fonts than the rest of the CV if you want to save space . You should write your name with a bigger font than the rest of the text , so that the present information in your CV . Here is a guideline for writing a good CV . although there are a number of ways for writing CV , they agree on some common details . The information you need to provide in your CV are : Personal details : Here you should include your date of birth , contact address , Telephone number and nationality . In case you have a permanent address Cherent from your temporary address , include both . Personal details can be

academic achievements can take initiative , has creativity and is innovative . You should be able : Objective : You should state very concisely what you accurately obtain a position in … where I can use my skills in … You can something like , ” To develop a career in ….. , or you can be made describe that specifically , but keep in mind that you should show in time to think about what exactly you are going to write there . the company can do for you . Writing a good objective is difficult do for the organization or company you are sending the como Academic achievements : After your personal details , give details education . It is suggested that you present details about education chronological order i.e. , you start with the latest degree and go graduate grades / divisions / classes . You should also mention scholarships and te received along with your achievements in co – curricular and extra Mention the scholarships if you have received any or other types de such as best student’s award , best debater’s award , award for poetry tectos Experience : Here you should include experiences , if you have any , relevante the position you are applying for . You should show that you are a persons language you know in all the four skills , i.e. whether you are average , good , very good or excellent in Reading , Writing , Speaking and Listening in the languages You should mention all your activities in your academic life . extempore speech , sports and games and so on . convince the employers that you will be the best pick for the job . Extracurricular activities : If you are writing a professional , and not an academic CV , you should mention activities / programmes you have attended / participated in . Language Skills : You should also mention your level of competence in ani you know 

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