Comparative report of milk components obtaind

 Comparative report of milk components obtained from different sources 92 1. JOS 90 9. 8.0 8.6 6.9 10 Milk contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Milk is a very beneficial food for people of all ages. Adults need to drink 2 glasses of milk a day, school children and pregnant mothers need to drink 3 glasses of milk, and adolescent mothers need to drink 4 glasses of milk a day. That is why we have to come forward to increase milk production. Gashat is first class meat. 18-24 grams of meat is found in 100 grams of grass. These include niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B12. Gashat is an excellent source of iron, phosphorus and zinc. Calcium and Vitamins We get a small amount of energy from 1 kg (30 g) of cooked low fat vegetables 55 kilocalories from medium fat vegetables 75 kilocalories from high fat vegetables and 100 kcal from high fat vegetables. Pregnant and lactating mothers and infants need to eat more than full grown men or women. People who suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure should not eat lean fat or high fat lean meat. My first class meat. 14-22 grams of meat is found in 100 grams of fish. We get different B-vitamins from fish. Fish provides us with iron. From the big fish we have enoughCalcium is obtained from marine fish, so we get bail, just as energy is available, just like from 1-sided fish. CU is a good class of meat. We have 336 to 30 percent sugar and 100-3 times the national food by pretending to be 100 grams of Al. When the net is combined with wheat meat or wheat meat, their nature changes and they become closed class mangoes. That’s why we get a good high half cup of Thiamine, Niacin, Calcium, Iron and Folic Anise from the poorest people. We get 1m of meat and 15 kcal of energy from half a cup of water. It has 72 kilocalories of energy and 5.4 M has all kinds of qualities. We get 346 kcal of energy and 24.9 percent of meat from 100 grams of bean seeds. Other vitamins and minerals are found in almost the same proportion as pulses. Dried bean seeds are a good food for beans as a vegetable for twelve months. From this we get 36 kcal of energy and 3.9 percent of meat in 100 grams. It is vitamin A.One job. Sabin rice is a breakthrough in solving the awkward problem of this Jalish. From 100 grams of soybean car we get 35-45 M of meat, 16 ৮ s, 35 M of sugar and 400 kcal of energy. Bhaleh b. There are all these kinamil or mineral sediments, which are also available from Salin Sichi. At one time, the people of Elash were not interested in the Shalil oil show. Currently, I am not aware of this. Even today, people say that the initial income is made from the first person. Knit, milk etc. are made from soybean cart. Soybean bread is lungic. Aunt. Soybean cultivation needs to be increased. Promotion and spread of soybeans can play a strong role in solving aunt and nutrition problems in the sky. NOVO Beans are a non-vegetarian aga like goman kali, jal and soybean khachi. 10. I found 7.4 M of meat, 23.80 grams of sugar and 16 kcal of energy and adequate amount of vitamins in beans. Pulses and azamine and minerals are found in beans or peas. It can be said that the month can be saved. 100 m dried peas provide 1980 kag of meat, 56.5% sugar and 315 kcal of energy. Galam * Balaam is a wonderful food in terms of nutrition. 100 grams of fried galam contains 7th meat, 2m sugar and about 40 grams fat. Today, 560 mangoes are available from 100 nuts per 100 kilocalories of energy. There is not much difference between raw apmi and fried nuts in the ears of Shadhikar Alban. We get iron, calcium, thiamine and riboflavin from you. It is essential for good health to feed nuts to people of all ages every day. The people of our country eat nuts as a hobby. By increasing the production of nuts, we can contribute to the solution of malnutrition by eating some nuts with different foods or with breakfast. These words are spread through propaganda. Agan should be made aware.A. One soul trench and the primary Jisa Amish National Khalya 10 May> TO 30.0 b. Iamin, PER, ES 19-22 Bdini = 10 18 30 Fatty fish Vitamin- (Larger fish 16 more pictures Calcium on beer 16mm a B Vitamin 1800 080-093 20-26 Niacin, Ribaflavin, Acid. 560 23.20 Obro , Ribaflavin, soybean BOR 00-80

One gram of oil or fat is 1 kilocalorie of solid food Available from 1 gram of sugar or meat. > Kilakali. Oily or fatty foods, oil or fat-fortified vitamins such as Vitamin-A, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, Vitamin K keep the food in the stomach longer as it enters the body and is transported to the body’s essential organs. And the stomach takes time to empty. As a result, the appetite is reduced. Fatty acids we get from whole foods. It is important to eliminate oil or fatty foods to make the food delicious and palatable. Other functions of fat and special organs of the body such as heart, liver, kidney, cervix, ovary and other organs are covered with fat to protect against external injuries. Feeding the baby some extra oil with food from the age of 5 months. . The baby is nutritious. Although fatty foods are beneficial, it is better for adults to eat less fatty foods such as ghee, liver and brain. Grass fat is harmful for the elderly and for those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary heart disease. But fish oil or fat and soybean, sesame or mustard oil are not harmful to them.

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