Cholera is a deadly contagious disease of the small intestine.


Cholera is a deadly contagious disease of the small intestine.  

The existence of this rage has been known since prehistoric times.  English From 1817 to 1928, there were six outbreaks of cholera in the whole world from 1961 to 1966.  The rabies was caused by a small bacterium called Vibrio Cholera.  The rage has caused countless deaths and severe damage to the country’s socio-economic system since time immemorial, especially in the Ganges basin and in the densely populated areas along the banks of various rivers in the Far East.  How it spreads: If drinking water is contaminated by the feces and vomit of the patient and you drink that water.  Flies contaminate food and fruit from one place to another and spread rage germs.  If human hands are infected with cholera and food is taken without washing hands.  In dense settlements, fairs, festivals, etc., this rage quickly ranges from one to eight.  May spread to others.  Symptoms: This rage occurs equally in people of all ages.  Suddenly the stool starts to thin and there is frequent bowel movement.  Rice looks like running water and smells like fish running water.  C.

|  Like the way the angle is, (during the chain) it is said, the skin goes to the crotch, the tongue.  Hands and feet on one leg become cold, its off in a month.  The nails of three fingers are equal to one pinch of salt, 31.  Legion: The body loses water and salts.  And the tone changes.  Excess water is thirsty.  Blood pressure decreases, the pulse in the hand cannot be felt, it stops decreasing.  Treatment.  Cholera is a deadly disease.  If action is not taken immediately, anger may die.  In the village, it is said that he vomits once and vomits twice.  Cholera is the main cause of the rapid depletion of water and salt in the body.  The same amount of salt and water as vomit and bowel movements – Cholera causes vomiting and bowel movements with a large amount of water and bowel movements.  So the same amount of salt-water government food saline can save the life of the rage;  Especially where there is no jas or doctor.  However, it should be noted, as far as it goes out of the body.  Whether that much is being fulfilled.  This saline will be repeated over and over again and vomiting or diarrhea will not stop.  Did not drink saline or molasses or salt.  Goes to Banana and is equally effective in all.  Half a ser (half a liter).

1 teaspoon of salt, 5 teaspoons of sugar, 5 teaspoons of soda rice powder, 1 pinch of salmon in the first frying pan of salted Asus, half a teaspoon of water.  Heat on fire for 5 minutes.  You can also go to the market or drug store to buy saline.  Once saline is made, it is fed for 6 hours.  In adults, 1 tetracycline capsule should be given every 6 hours for 3 days.  2.  (1 liter) should be mixed with water.  Will have to make a new one after hours.  Antibiotics, such as tetracycline, can be used.  For older adults, 50 mg of Tetracycline capsules / syrup per 10 kg body weight should be given every 6 hours for three consecutive days.  If you are under 10 years of age, furazlidin syrup should be given at the rate of 5 mg per kg body weight for 6 hours and 3 days.  In addition, Largactil tablets / syrup 5 mg per kg body weight for 6 hours after giving very good results.  Extremely weak, dull rage should be given intravenously with cholera saline if possible.  Prevention: Drink water from tubewells or boiling water.  Hands should be washed thoroughly before each meal.  Care should be taken so that flies do not sit on the food.  Food kept in the market place should not be eaten and fruits should be washed and eaten all the time.  Stool, vomit, clothes, etc. should be burnt or soaked in lye for 12 hours.

Value.  (In the sand).  Dysentery is not punished in Bangladesh.  This type of dysentery is a special area of ​​Shah.  Is aligned.  The rabies is caused by a bacterium called amoebic dysentery Entemaeba histolytica.  The germs of this rage enter income with unclean hands or food contaminated with germs.  Symptoms of rage usually subside within a few weeks of entering the body.  The germs in the colon cause ulcers, which cause a variety of symptoms.  Is created.  How to spread.  Food and drink are contaminated by human feces and enter the body.  If you do not wash your hands or if the waiter’s hands are not clean, everyone in the family suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  If fruits and vegetables are not washed properly, the rage germs can easily enter the colon.  6 SYMPTOMS রা The symptoms of this rage are not as sudden or severe as bloody diarrhea.  The patient has a slight pain in the lower abdomen and frequent bowel movements, but usually has 2/3 bowel movements throughout the day.  There is no pain in the rectum and lower abdominal pain decreases when there is bowel movement.

How many rays may not be again.  

The amount of toilet is high, there is bad smell.  With which I mixed Amin.  There is no fever.  If you don’t take rice in your stomach, water comes.  Inflammation of the liver (amabic liver bisus) is a ulcer of the arms.  Pain may be felt.  Complications: Venous lesions, germs enter the liver.  Inflammation of the lungs.  The colon may leak.  Treatment 4.  Metronidazole tablets 400 mg 3 times a day for 4 days.  In addition, 500 mg of furamide 3 times a day for 10 days after the above treatment reduces the chances of long-term anger or germs in the gut.  In children – Metronidazole Syrup 40 mg per kg body weight 3 times a day for 5 days.  Prevention: Water should be boiled.  Care should be taken to ensure that the feces of the angry or angry person does not contaminate the water or food.  Extensive circulation of sanitary toilets should be encouraged.  Fruits, vegetables should not be eaten without washing.  Hands must be washed before each meal and the hand of the waiter must be clean.  You have to wash your hands well after coming out of the bathroom.  t.

Take MPicillin Capsules-500 mg every 6 hours.  |  The disease is cured by taking 2 tablets of cotrimoxazole twice a day for 7 days.  Nalidoxic acid tablets also give good results in this rage.  Treatment: Or 1 (500 mg) 3 times a day for 7 days.  If you are dehydrated, you should give food saline.  Ragi should be given light cooked liquid food again and again.  Resistance: The stool should be buried or burnt so that the stool does not spread.  Care should be taken so that flies do not contaminate the food.  Hands must be cleaned thoroughly after going to the toilet and before eating.  Water should be boiled.  Fruits must not be washed or eaten.

|  This is not the first time I’ve read this, but it’s the first time I’ve read it.  Many of these people are in the water but less so.  They are very small (somehow seen with the naked eye. Less many types of mothers. Amal lane karak roren. | Worms can be up to a few feet long from rage.  Worms 3. Whip worms 4. Curved worms 5. Tape worms In addition, a few other types of worms are also seen occasionally, such as 7. Short-striped worms 6. Ingilidis star coralis 8, Leaf worms 9, Filaria 10, Hydativ worms.  Causes of Anger ঃ Unhealthy health, unhygienic living and eating, drinking and unhealthy environment are some of the causes of Anger, usually worm-friendly stools are one of the most common sources of Anger.  When this source pollutes the environment, it spreads the anger of healthy people in the polluted environment, such as in the body.

Pan Basa GER Dhi Ra.  Nal, Moshamishi It, Asul, Chami (Nails) Worm infestation in our country – Outbreak is lowest in developed countries.  This anger is more in our country as most of the people in our country live in health unhealthy and unhealthy environment like other developing countries.  Again, this anger is more in rural areas than in urban areas.  Asti, figure;  Yarn crocodile life cycle

Worm rage – the spread of rage – one type of worm enters our body in the same way.  Egg L. Yarn worms: These worms come out of the human anus and lay eggs around the anus. Here the eggs attach to clothes, beds, nails and fingers. They float on the food and fall on the food.  When a person scratches his anus and eats it with his hand, he becomes infected again by himself.

Mother’s Lei Chure.  Their pot.  Foot bites, education, while walking barefoot on low ground  Tax.  Those who eat this food, they can be victims of this disease.  |  The ladder is in a low or less perfect state or it is a human country.  Beta tapeworms and their eggs are found in human feces.  From there, the fingers are mixed with dust and the food is eaten in the morning gay in the vicinity of the surrounding area.  They can enter the appendix and bile ducts, respectively.  These fruits are eaten raw by the mosquito. Later, when the mosquito bites another healthy lizard, it becomes infected. Hydratid rage: Infected dog feces.  Infected dogs usually get worm eggs on human hands and fingernails while caressing the infected dog and then the eggs get into the stomach when they play with unclean hands.The worms cause various symptoms or complications in the body.  Different types of worms can cause different problems.  For example: Worm worms: These worms cause abdominal pain, indigestion and nausea. Many worm worms can entangle together and block the airways and intestines and cause death.  Occasionally they may go out on a tour and cause stomach, esophageal, nasal-mouth and appendicitis and jaundice.  You can get pneumonia when one of these crocodiles passes through your lungs.  Going with the mouth can cause itching, hives and worms.  Bengal

There may be laxity, discomfort and so on in the person’s tomb.  This yarn is low.  At night this waist comes to the anus and gives sutta.  Filariasis: Frequent fever, swollen feet or hands with shivering in anger, you.  |  Swelling of the armpit glands, pain or swelling of the testicles, even a rash.  Bath return to bed at night, aledesitis and more whip worms in girls!  Excessive numbers of these deficiencies can lead to abdominal pain and that.  A few hundred or so leaf worms often in one’s stomach?  If there are too many of them, they are peptic ulcers in the stomach.  Maybe.  In some cases, they can cause appendicitis.  Baby worms can sometimes cause short-term asthma by causing itching and sores on the feet.  May cause pain.  Tapeworms and cow – Tapeworms usually do little harm.  But the fun is that some part of the body of this worm comes out through the anus and leaves the shelter in a shameful situation.  In some cases, they can cause starvation and obstruction.  Short worms and these worms cause anorexia, abdominal pain and thin stools.  Maybe.  In addition, their presence can cause headaches, dizziness, and even convulsions.  Stungilidis starcoralis: Like curved worms, they can cause itching and sores on the legs.  They can also cause asthma, pneumonia, peptic ulcer pain, and frequent bowel movements.  Vifa is.  There may be urination.  If this anger continues for a long time, the legs may become swollen and cause rashes.

Hydrated worms and rage worms can grow in the liver, lungs, brain and body.  Fluid-filled six-to-six boy size a month.  Growing up at home can reduce the amount of football.  The cell is called smile.  They can cause as much chest pain.  Exposed to the ear can even come out of these cyst pieces.  Going to this system.  When the fluid in the blood is mixed with the blood, the chest suddenly becomes low and the pulse rate becomes fast, and the hands and feet of the patient may become cold and even die.  1.  According to Ragi, earthworm worms have been found in his stool or vomit lately.  RI GU23 Some of the most common superstitions and ignorance and misconceptions about worm rage.  Is it true that eating hilsa fish or too much sweets can cause worms? Hilsa fish or eating too many sweets or other foods can cause worms – such an idea is completely unfounded.  O Is it true that worm medicine should not be fed on cold or rainy days? All the worm medicine used nowadays is relatively safe.  There is no harm in taking the medicine at any time on a hot, cold or rainy day.  However, in case of Ascariatic Crisis or worms, other medicines have to be taken along with the worm medicine.  It is often said that a person cannot live without worms in his stomach – is this idea correct?  This is a completely wrong idea.  Some of the parasites that are very small, which we call bacteria, their presence in the intestines is beneficial to the human body.  But worm parasites are not known to do any good;  Rather their presence is very harmful and dangerous for the human body.  0 Is it reasonable to give worm medicine to the patient without examining the stool?  It is better to give worm medicine to the angry person after the main test.  But in some cases we do not test the stool with worm medicine.  MA Gel Photos

2.  What the patient says is that his toilet feels like a bye or salo.  After the stool test, it was reported that there were no worm eggs.  Such situations are often seen.  Especially cotton wine.  In the morning.  The female national worm sat on her stomach (arms) in the womb.  By;  Before the egg is released, it comes out through the anus and lays eggs on the clothes around the mother.  A power.  With the thread worms come out.  3.  Lack of stool testing opportunity but suspected to have worms.  Could have  = Z It is normal that their eggs are not found in the stool test.  Is it ok to take worm medicine during pregnancy?  Although there are many safe worm medicines out there nowadays, like many other medicines, worm medicine should be given in the first three months of pregnancy.  Yes, the same person can be infected with multiple worms at the same time.  In fact, such a situation is often seen in our country.  Worm medicine and related information ঃ There are many types of worm medicine in general.  However, I am mentioning here the original name of the drug (Bridge Spectrum) which is common in our country.  O piperazine.  2 pyrental pomite mebendazlu levamizol © albendazol – etc.  Apart from O, other worm medicines, which are available in our country, can be obtained in need.  Again, the above mentioned drugs – usually can be taken in two ways (1) single dose or single dose and (2) divided dose or fraction only.  Your doctor will prescribe this dose as needed.  Of course, taking medicine should take the advice of a doctor.

If you take the whole worm of O, there are many problems.  209 should be consumed.  For example, one week after the first dose, the worms will be eliminated in the second dose.  And 3 weeks after the 3rd veg.  It is hoped that after that person, experts for a country like ours think that there is no need for it in the case of health conscious citizens, it is advisable to take medicine every 3 months.  Of course all members of the household should be treated together.  2 Remember, not only taking medicine, but also advising the person to avoid food with unclean hands and to walk in a healthy way.  In case of rabies, it is necessary to wash the clothes, bed sheets and dry in the sun along with taking medicine.  If not, the worms will go from there again (to the stomach. How can the people resist worm rage. It is up to the people to resist worm rage. In fact, only civilized and developed countries have been able to eradicate rage with the help of the people.  Stay clean, keep your nails trim, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after defecation, wash your hands with soap every time before meals, discourage villagers from defecating in the open and build scientific latrines such as water latrines  Avoid walking barefoot on muddy soil and going to latrines. Protect yourself from mosquito bites. Avoid eating contaminated food and drink and food that is infested with mosquitoes, flies and insects. Try to eat clean food and drink.  Raw fruits, vegetables and salads should not be washed and washed in hot water before eating. Do not eat raw or half-cooked vegetables.  Try to see if it shines very well.  Wash utensils, plates, glasses, etc. very well in clean water before meals.  Force everyone who cooks for you, cleans the dishes or works in your home to keep their nails trimmed and use soap and treat their worms as needed.  Refrain from cuddling or playing with dogs.

Hookworm The adult hookworm (146xkwori) lives on the surface of the small intestine.  It is more common in the tropics.  These worms come out of the toilet and mix with the soil.  The warm and moist soil is conducive to worms from eggs.  It takes 8 to 10 days for the worms to be born (large) from this variety.  Walk barefoot.  These larvae enter the body through the skin of the feet and become slightly reddish, swollen or itchy at the entrance.  Then it comes to Happind through blood vessels.  Then it goes from the heart to the lungs.  Later it reaches the stomach.  Thus it takes about 6 weeks to reach the surface of the small intestine.  3.  These worms eat blood and cause bleeding.  Angry as a result.  Runs away in speechlessness.  Becomes pale and weak.  ‘There are stops, the chest is throbbing and he can’t work.  Legs and body may swell.  There are irregular bowel movements, bloating, soft bowel movements, and various abdominal problems.  Diabetes can also occur.  3.  Slight redness and swelling or itching of the toes may occur in the early stages.  8.  May be black closet.  There may be coughing and sometimes or shortness of breath.  .  As a result, angry people become malnourished.  Treatment & Storage:> Mebendazole tablets or syrups for all adults from the age of Lu ||  In the same manner, 100 mg per tablet and 100 mg per hour.  Zengi: Take a little tablet in the morning for three consecutive days.  Or 1 |  Jamcha twice a day, day after day.  Piranate palm 10 mg per kg body weight should be fed on the first day and on the second day

Roundworm Life Cycle: 

Adult earthworms live in the small intestine.  It can be seen all over the world.  Depending on the soil temperature and humidity, the eggs of the worms hatch into rabbitiform larvae within 10 to 60 days.  These larvae or babditiform larvae enter the small intestine with water or other food and enter the bloodstream through the esophagus.  After that it goes to the liver through the veins.  After staying here for 3-4 days, it goes to the heart.  Goes from the hops to the lungs.  It rises from the lungs and falls into the esophagus.  From here it goes into the small intestine again and becomes an adult.  It takes about two months to reach this state.  A female earthworm can lay many eggs every day.  Symptoms:> Abdominal pain, occasional nausea or vomiting.  There are also irregular toilets.  Children suffer from malnutrition if they suffer from these worms.  There is a cough to pass through the lungs.  There may be shortness of breath.  Many worms accumulate in one place in the stomach like a wheel 8.  Creates.  Accumulated in this way can also block the path of the ass.  Worm toxins can cause fever and make the patient very weak.  6.  Worms can come out of the mouth or nose with bowel movements or vomiting.  Complications:> Malnutrition.  Intestinal obstruction.

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