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 Health Tips Seventh Episode

 If the systolic blood pressure is above 140, and the diastolic blood is above 90, it is called high blood pressure.  If you have high blood pressure, it is important to change your lifestyle and take medication.

 However, if the blood pressure is at an early stage, high blood pressure can be controlled by changing the lifestyle.

 1.  Shedding excess weight

 It is important to balance the weight with the height.  Only by doing this can the blood pressure be kept in good condition.  Excess weight puts pressure on the heart.  It raises blood pressure.  In addition, being overweight makes it difficult to sleep.  There is also a risk of high blood pressure.

 2.  Exercise regularly

 Regular exercise – at least 30 minutes every day – is helpful in lowering blood pressure.  The heart stiffens during exercise and takes less pressure to pump.  It reduces high blood pressure by lowering the pressure from the arteries.

 3.  Eat less salt

 Even skipping a little salt is beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.  A study published in Electrolyte and Blood Pressure in 2014 found that reducing salt intake reduced the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

 4.  Deep breathing – breathing exercises

 Deep breathing exercises help control high blood pressure.  This conventional relaxation exercise reduces stress.  Stress can increase high blood pressure.

 5.  Smoking

 Smoking is not good for health, it is nothing new.  If you don’t stop smoking, your blood pressure may rise.  The chemical in tobacco raises blood pressure, damages blood vessel walls and narrows arteries.  12 essential health tips

 1.  Drink eight glasses of water every day

 2.  Include two vegetables and one fruit in each bar meal

 3.  Eat a raw vegetable salad at the beginning of each meal

 4.  Make a light snack with a variety of vegetables.

 5.  Drink warm water with lemon at the beginning of the day

 .  Eat only fresh vegetables.

 .  Eat only fruit until noon at least one day a week and then eat the first meal of the day.

 6. Do not eat stale or refrigerated food immediately.


9.  Quit the habit of coffee and eat fresh fruit juice instead.

 10.  Skip all fried foods from the meal.

 11.  Exclude high-sugar foods such as soft drinks, ice cream, candy and cookies from the menu.

 12.  Wash vegetables with clean water before cutting.

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