And Om is a deforestation disease. Of disease. Happens. This disease.

And Om is a deforestation disease. Of disease. Happens. This disease is increasing day by day in this country. Its branch. Tuberculosis (TB) Introduction: Depending on the condition, the main cause of what is called decay rage or raj rage is the misconceptions of the people about rage. It is possible to prevent this anger through awareness and it is possible to treat the anger and avoid serious complications by following the first aid and related advice of the affected person. With regular medication, only ৬ Photo: Tuberculosis can be completely cured in the winter months. For the convenience of general understanding about this rage, here are some brief basic concepts of rage but important information. What is TB? Tuberculosis is a deadly contagious disease. A rab tuberculosis is infected by a bacterium called Bacillus – Myco – bacterial tuberculosis. There are 3 types of tubercle bacillus. Human, Bevine and Ebion. Humans can be infected with tuberculosis by any type of bacillus. The dormancy of this rage is 4-6 weeks. That is, 4-6 weeks after entering the body of a healthy person, the rage germs show the signs or symptoms of rage. These germs can infect any part of the body. Such as lungs, respiratory system, intestines, reproductive and urinary tract, bones, joints, nervous system, lymph glands, skin etc. However, in 80% of the cases, the lungs (lungs) are affected.

How Tuberculosis (TB) Rage Spreads 0 Tuberculosis germs are spread from a person’s sneeze, cough, phlegm, saliva to baca. And through the lungs of the healthy lego diameter. * Tuberculosis (TB) virus also enters the lungs through dust. থ Dishes, glasses, bedsheets, towels, goods and related household items used by a healthy TB bogie. Use can also lead to anger. Tuberculosis is also spread through contact with a sick person. This rage can also be caused by drinking raw milk of cattle. Who is more angry or who is at risk and those who live in unclean and unhygienic environment, in seven places and in that airless, dark environment are more angry. 1 In areas where many lakes live together, such as slums, hats, bazaars, ferries, bus stations, etc., the incidence of this disease is higher. And those who have low immunity, the disease is more, such as malnutrition, famine, poor health, diabetes, gastric surgery, chronic diarrhea, etc. > Untreated cough, if the cough continues for a long time; # Hooping cough, measles – next stage; 5 Smoking and tobacco products Drugs – Alcohol consumption; পান Drinking raw milk of cattle (cow) is one of the reasons for the spread of tuberculosis. Early symptoms of tuberculosis. > Dry cough for more than a month. 2. Every evening come a slight fever. 3. Sweating in sleep at night. 8. Decreased CT.You w | ||| |||| ॥ N | | .. . 1. “|| ft………………………..” fu sa | Fl complex size 5% melted. | | W it. . Enteritis) of Ischiorectal abscess) 0 Fatula in A. Nae (Tutulu-.- / A) 0 taf> If you have any symptoms of tuberculosis, you need to contact Mr. Dakar so that Mr. Oscar can take the necessary steps to treat your rabies. He will inquire about your condition and examine you. Let me know.

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