Ams says everything in Enka. Eggs get leafy in R and a few times M puts them in the nails and gets them drunk. Food – Chess, fruit


Ams says everything in Enka.  Eggs get leafy in R and a few times M puts them in the nails and gets them drunk.  Food – Chess, fruits, raw vegetables and sugar 10 ml per kg.  Must go once for weight.  Threadworm 1 Pinworm This worm is found all over the world.  In children, this water goes to the stomach.  Worms can hatch from worm eggs and go up through the anus.  In addition, the eggs of this worm can enter the body through the air.  This is how its life cycle goes.  Symptoms: Itching in the toilet.  This itching is more at night.  This is the main symptom.  There may be abdominal pain, nausea, thin stools or constipation.  Excessive itching can cause swelling of the stool and sleep disturbances due to this itching.  If there is one person in the house, 8 can be easily infected among other members.  Mebendazole tablets or syrup: 1 tablet or 1 teaspoon of medicine should be taken once and taken again a couple of weeks later.  Or pyrethral palmet (Combantin or Melphil) 1 tablet 250 mg.  1 teaspoon-50 mg.

Medicine meals as well as clothes to wear, on the bed.  Nails should be cut short and not enlarged.  Clean ha.  Every home needs to have a toilet.  Stage by the government.  Supplied water seal toilet is a leading ground in worm resistance.  And Raade needs to dry.  Need to take or serve food.  Ways to prevent worms:> 2, must be observed.  No toilets in backyards, under fruit trees, vegetable gardens or anywhere.  Tubewell water should be used.  It is better to have tap water in the city8.  .  Nails cannot be kept large.  Clothes and bedding should be kept clean.  The city must have proper sanitation.  It should be treated as soon as the worms appear.  If there are thread worms, all the members of the household should be treated together.  In case of yarn worms, the road to the toilet should be closed with itching.  9.  .

|  ট |  Be a little ahead.  Lore L L, e.  The disease exists.  This rage is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi.  In the third week, the condition of 5 rages became critical.  Anger becomes unconscious.  %.  Bleeding may occur with diarrhea or vomiting.  Different types at this time.  The germs of this rage enter the body with food.  Symptoms of rabies appear within 7-14 days of the typhoid bug entering the body.  How to spread: 3.  2 Drinking water is contaminated by human excrement.  Fruits or food are contaminated by germs.  In unhealthy and unhygienic environments, at schools or barracks, the rage spreads rapidly.  Sun 3.  Symptoms: 51 The first week of rage: Fever continues to rise for 4/5 days, body aches and severe headaches;  Pain is seen to be felt all over the body.  Constipation can occur, but children are more likely to have diarrhea or vomiting.  The pulse rate will be less than the fever.  Coughing and sometimes nosebleeds.  At the end of the week, red rash spots may appear on the abdomen or back.  If 4 treatments are not done in the second week, the rage becomes dull, the fever increases, and there is a mistake.  At this time, instead of constipation, diarrhea occurs and the spleen becomes enlarged.  Abdominal bloating and pain are felt.

Bleeding complications occur.  This can lead to anger.  For example, there are small leaks.  Pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, encephalitis, osteoarthritis or myocarditis occur at this time.  Treatment: It is better to keep the anger separate, as well as to ensure full rest.  In the first case, soft or liquid food and adequate water is needed and thus proper nutrition should be taken.  (A) Co-trimeclazol tablet or syrup 10 mg daily.  (Trimethaprim) for every kg of weight should be given twice a day for 14 days.  In adults, 2 pills every 12 hours for 14 days.  (B) Chloramphenicol capsules (250 mg each) for 100 mg per kg body weight 4 times a day for 6 hours every 14 days.  In children: Chloramphenicol syrup (125 mg per teaspoon. 1 teaspoon or hal,f a teaspoon for 6 hours every 14 days. Chloramphenicol is a drug that is very harmful to the intestines, so use with caution.)

Food poisoning or, food poisoning.  Symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, etc. occur within 48 hours of ingestion.  Yes, many at once (who ate this invitation) and Stania, Sham, |  0 The symptoms of anger are very severe diarrhea.  However, there are significant issues in this case.  Everyone in the same family or those who ate that food could be infected.  (Food Poisoning) Food poisoning is a common serious problem.  Causes: Salmonella, Campylobacter Food poisoning can be due to various reasons.  Such as 3 bacteria in most cases.  Etc. are due.  Toxic ingredients of Jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium welchi and Botulinum O canned foods (raw fish, meat, vegetables), 0 Allergic foods 3 Half-cooked or undercooked meat, Eggs, 0 Any food infected by flies, O  From rotten and stale food, from O poisonous drinks to O poisonous food, from poisonous fish (cracker fish) etc.  Symptoms: In case of severe food poisoning, nausea or vomiting occurs within 300 minutes.  1 Abdominal pain.  0 fever

|  The first part of the intestinal tract is called a crocodile-like death, much like the sixth crocodile with Sikam.  Infection or inflammation of the esophagus  Just as the inside of the esophagus is hollowed out by the tube, so is the inside of the appendix.  The name of this empty part is lumen.  Worms or small pieces of feces think this mother.  It can get stuck.  The problem starts when you get stuck.  The blood supply to this intestine is disrupted and this part of the blood and nutrition is lacking.  Called appendicitis.  It affects acute, subacute, chronic and recurrent segments.  This causes various symptoms.  Even all of these complications can be caused by acute appendicitis (acute appendicitis).  Becomes weak.  Then the germs living in the intestinal tract ঔ Weak signs and symptoms of the appendix ঃ O Abdominal pain and sudden pain in the abdomen.  At first there is pain around the navel, then gradually (after 4-6 hours) along the position of the appendix on the right side of the lower abdomen.  The intensity of the pain increases with time.  N Nausea and vomiting and nausea at the onset of pain, sometimes one or more times.  At this time the taste is less.  There may be fever and body aches.  O, the right hand on the lower abdomen of the rage is felt pain (Local tenderness) and hard feeling (Muscle guard & Rigidity).  At this time the rosin sign and saus test (special test to diagnose rage physically) were found to be positive.  Complications ঃ O Gangrene 2 Perforation / Perforation of 

the intestine O cofacomigo (Peritonitis) O Shock

For Imato.  0 Name Mole Secret work where this can happen in case of anger, all the people engaged in the profession such as the person before the operation as a precautionary measure O Appendicular Lump (Appendicular Lump) Examination Investigation.  ) There is some help in diagnosing this anger through aggression.  To walk  O Operation Surgery – The operation is the real treatment (within 24 hours).  0 Conservative treatment (Axner Serin regimen).  If the appendicular lumএইp of the rage develops, if the condition of the rage is not satisfactory, O. In all cases where there is no suitable means of operation, conservative treatment is given.  Regular check-ups + (a) No feeding by mouth, (b) Giving Riley tube (c) Giving suction (d) Giving saline (3) Giving painkiller injection and sedation (f) Giving antibiotics, (g) Bowel  Arrange to keep moving.  O Prepailectic appendicitis operation: 0 to prevent recurrent appendicitis,

|  Jaundice is a condition in which the white part of the eye is caused by an overdose of bilirtibi in the blood.  |  The skin, the inside of the mouth, the tongue, and the color of the urine are yellow – and these hemolytic jaundices are extraneous images of blood: the liver, spleen, and blood vessels, and the associated blood vessels.  Types of Jaundice and Viral Hepatitis: There are several types of jaundice.  For example, jaundice is caused by abnormal breakdown of RT.  Hepatitis or hepatitis;  For example: virus pandu rage, pandu rage in newborns;  Congenital and hepatic.  Syracuse.  Pandu caused by bile or bile movement.  We will mainly talk about viral hepatitis or viral paralysis, because these are the most common.  C.

|  Do this.  Specific Parenchyval Live lisquse ‘.  It has not always attracted one or more special levers.  Caused by viral hepatitis or viral jaundice (caused by Hepatitivopic Virus) (shown in Table 1).  These viruses cause physical problems with similar external and internal symptoms and are often anicteric asymptomatic.  Anger is often manifested with certain symptoms.  Major hepatitis.  Viruses ‘A’ – ‘E’ and ‘G’ all cause primary hepatic disease.  Apart from this, other germs mentioned in Table-1 have different characteristics which are not discussed here.  Causes of Viral Hepatitis ঃ Hepatitis A Virus Hepatitis B Virus O Hepatitis C Virus O Hepatitis D Virus (Delta Virus) O Hepatitis E Virus Hepatitis G Virus Non-A  B, non-C virus.  Cytomegalovirus.  Epstein-Barr virus O herpes simplex virus O fever fever virus.  Different aspects of major hepatitis viruses: Here only different aspects of major hepatitis viruses are discussed which are shown in Table 2.  Hepatitis A is also a virus of the pyrethrum group (enterovirus), RNA.  It spreads through the phaco-oral (stool-mouth) pathway.  On other legs it is very rare.  Dormancy is 15-45 days.  It is spread through water and food contaminated by feces.

Khanam’s feet are all auctioned.  (PS Sanitation) and Janakani (Over – CTOwling) Anger in the environment.  |  Outbreaks appear.  Although the normal source of anger at the stool, the incubation period.  Transient blood viruses are transmitted through blood and blood vessels, especially in men.  |  This can spread anger.  Like the hepatitis B virus  Leg rage is not a carrier of chronic rage.  sa o bo (0) 4.  un -1 355 F 55 61?  6 logs.  * [?  Now let’s talk.  .  .  en Cock 41.  Yes.  No.  1 Automated Vaccine Vaccine – Vaccine – H |  5 pots of non-globulin POSK Immune Immune Shiulin Globulin virus virus particles remain in the stool for up to 1 week after the onset of symptoms.  In children, the infection is symptomatic.  In areas where this rage is more prevalent, it is common for children to have this rage.  Unclean – Clean

All this!  It is the only hepatitis virus that infects humans.  It is a DNA virus.  People are the only source of this anger.  This rage is very contagious during the dormancy of the rage or during the rage;  Especially as long as IHBeAg is available.  Chronic rage may be asymptomatic or with symptoms of chronic liver failure.  Symptoms of the virus’s transmission, such as MHBsAg, IHBV-DNA, or DNA polymerase, are very contagious when they are present in the blood of a person.  When there is very little infection, these markers are absent and only anti-HBE is present in the blood.  Blood is the main source of this anger.  Taking contaminated blood and blood components or donating contaminated blood through needles, syringes, especially those who take long-term injections, is at risk of spreading the disease.  Through the contaminated needle.  Tattooing and acupuncture can spread the rage.  Saliva, urine, semen and vaginal secretion.  This anger can also spread through.  Close personal contact and sexual intercourse are considered.  This is the main reason for the spread of anger.  Gay men in particular are one of the main carriers of this rage.  The virus can be passed directly from the mother to the fetus through the placenta in pregnant women.  Vatical transmissIW).  Hepatitis C is a flavivirus associated with RNA.  People are the only source of it.  Blood and blood components are one of the most popular means of spreading anger.  After blood donation, more than 90 percent of people get angry.  Due to which chronic hepatitis C is more common in people with hemophilia.  Parenteral drug abusers who are addicted to injecting drugs are at the highest risk of developing this condition.  In addition, this anger is sometimes seen in isolation, the cause of which is not known.  It is also caused by sexual intercourse and sexual and vertical spread (Sexual & vertical spread) but is less common than hepatitis B.  This rage can be chronic in 70-80% of cases and lasts a lifetime.

|  In relation or bata atibishakhaya.  Its wool.  There is no Kenny Neel’s melody in the melody, which is spread out on the left side of the hall.  |  Hate hotspots are infected with H. pylori.  Heibi – just like that.  Hah simultaneously with Hepatitis B.  |  * Cirrhosis and liver cancer are known to result.  Hepatitis B and Hepatitis ‘D’ are spread by making hepatic sac.  It’s unclean – ‘unclean environment and dhit can a r, n a his sha, which is directed with mana and ali, may.  (Poor sanitation & water borne) 1574 |  Later it became acute hepatitis – ‘A’ infection like S, A oil.  Heals naturally.  This disease is not chronic.  But in the case of pregnant women, it is also known as data hall.  Igra ‘a, n, a kiwira.  There is a risk of acute hepatic failure.  |  Virus This RNA – virus;  15% Anik ‘B’ and ‘C’ hepatitis.  Imetalysis is in the case of rage.  This disease is caused by blood and blood components.  The hepatitis virus that has been mentioned is now the most common hepatitis virus.  Puson Hepatitis T and Failure Hepatitis ‘E’ Hepatitis “G” It is most prevalent in the newly discovered Fabi virus group hepatitis B, 50% of intravenous drug users and 30% of cases.  In addition, it can also be through injection of veins.  The symptoms and tests for rage are similar to those for the hepatitis C virus.  It causes mild acute hepatitis.  Chronic viral infections of this rage can last for at least 9 years.  Other (non-A, non-B, non-C) hepatitis and previously thought non-A, non-B hepatitis is hepatitis that is caused by a virus that is not hepatitis-A or hepatitis-B.  Hepatitis C and hepatitis E are the main hepatitis viruses that come from that group.  Others may have this type of virus.  But the infection is for this.  Responsible.  1

(Splenomegaly) SCORT (Arthralgia) was pu Sickness syndrome.  ).  But the sump would be on ||  \ ca) * Why O ‘khana is white or earthy and erra.  Most of the patients get Ahoga in 3-6 weeks.  0 Ultrasonography – HBS, (USG – HBS) test.  Lymphnode) skin rashes including surticara) 3 In some cases there may be complications.  Investigations 4 O Sim Bilirubin O Serum SGPT O Serum SGOT O Serum Alkaline Phosphatase O Serum Albumin • O Serum Globulin O Serum Prathambin Time O Blood TC, DC, ESR, Hemoglobin Percentage O  O Urine test – Bilengen and bilirubin 6 are diagnosed in urea.

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