A streamly night

A stormy night.  Just as nature besets man with joy and peace, (the people of this country are saddened by such natural calamities in the face of such a catastrophic case. Lay. In the month of natural disasters of this country).  Presented by Caritabha: * For in my life also B দেন bi) gives like a storm.  Impact: Geographical location and geo-natural causes in Bangladesh  In the water?  Natural disasters, including laughter, are horrendous.  Do we have to survive by struggling with “” disability conditions?  |  Gay causes widespread destruction and loss of life.  In this country of natural disasters.  * Either there is no account.  In the position of the couple, the family is ruined, how many loved ones are taken away  We went to Kutubdia Island, where we woke up in the Bay of Bengal. We had a place to stay in a house. From where we spent such a long time, the storm of one night faded all our joy and we observed the cycle of water and endless sea with joy.  It was the month of Kartik. The sky has been overcast since morning.  The evening is approaching. Danger signals are being sounded on the radio. The arrival of the storm. Shortly after dusk, nature has seen an unimaginable change.The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Hobby and Flowers.  The deposit is dark.  Just playing.  Even today, Mamun is horrified: We came to the room in a hurry and the door started shaking.  It is as if a world time is being shaken by the force of force.  The black chain around Aafia is fluttering like a giant bird.  The sky, the sun, the earth has become one in the darkness and has become a huge idol.  Question Faf Bhajan opened the window of our house.  The sudden push pushed anyone over the head into a few tin moments lost in the darkness.  We all began to count the death toll.  Suddenly I got the call of the ghost of the house.  I grabbed one by one and came out of the house.  Friends, ignoring the electricity, the rain, I came to the verandah of a shelter.  At that moment, a strange purple lamp was lit in a distant house.  I felt terrible danger.  Another storm arose in my heart, not of the sea.  Courage to see the catastrophic scene, patience lost all eyes understood.  Storm – Post-Stage: I lost consciousness in the violent storm and fell into three on the verandah of the shelter.  At the call of the ghost, I opened my eyes and saw that the storm had stopped, but the turbulent roar of the sea had not stopped.  The sun is shining in the sky, the clouds are rising.  I came out.  Indescribable horrible sight outside.  The field is quiet.  Hundreds of cows, sheep and goats are lying dead.  Some of the broken boats and the bodies of fishermen are floating on the shore.  Innumerable people of Char are looking for the sea of ​​terrorists with helpless eyes as they cannot find their relatives.  What a helpless sight, what a heartbreaking cry.  The sky of Kutubdia was shaken by the cries of the bereaved.  Storm night experience: I didn’t know before how cruel nature can be, how terrible it can be, I saw the most destructive form of the storm on that terrible night, I realized how severe the storm is.  Conclusion: I have heard about storm violence through different channels at different times.  But when I went to Kutubdia, I myself witnessed the violence of the storm.  The sea has calmed down.  Nature smiled again at Raed’s face;  But the night of that terrible storm has not been erased from my memory.  1 – Decline of youth and its remedy or, agitated youth

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