What tech is the NBA using to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms


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The National Basketball Association (NBA) has been playing in a bubble since late July in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with all participating players, coaches and staff living and playing in a single complex in Orlando, Fla.

In addition to the usual safety measures, like frequent sanitation and regular testing, the league has also been making use of many high-tech solutions. About 25 percent of players, coaches and staff have been wearing a smart ring, Oura, daily that tracks their heart rate and skin temperature. 

While the ring is optional, all players are required to take their temperature with a Kinsa Bluetooth thermometer, measure their oxygen level with a smart pulse oximeter, and log it all along with their symptoms daily in the NBA’s MyHealth app.

All of these precautions and tech solutions appear to be working, though. As of last week, the NBA reported that of the 341 players in the complex, none had tested positive in the previous five weeks. 

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