rural life in Bangladesh the majority of the people

Bangladesh lives in rural areas people live a very plain and simple life majority of the rural people are farmers.

they work on their loans and earn their livelihood by celebrity their one length of work in other people’s.

land the work hard from morning till night some of the farmers quit will do to do but there are money landless people also

 they after people and their rules community send their children to schools college and university but their secretion connect 

a fruit their silence education in most as they are thrilled because they are you work has de laborers in their people house of done risky and revise they are used as most of them can however enough to 

message to score miles dress some of them go to nearby trains and cities to work as its fullest grammar worker

taxi auto rickshaw today what Hawa is 

the amount of money they are and they are happy with what they have this was the ruler people of modern philosophy of life true ghost house f eligibility from various people also have the flicks improve its standard system in every NOOK and ground of the village there are some Bajaj for people go for shopping and spent their loss crime tracking take those who are movies sport at ac together most villages

 have primary schools there are high school and college and every to their bridges the rate of education in the rules are of interest to find a rural people have good community life they help us other in hair real and the police have been modern is about the plus two-three decades.

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